Family Pictures & Tiny Prints & Holiday Card Sneak Peeks, Oh My!

Way back in July I convinced Scott that we needed family photos taken. My bargaining chip was that if photos were taken in July I promised nary a whisper of pictures come Fall. That was all Scott needed and he was sold.

Our photographer did an amazing job (as always). She and I had a conversation shortly after an epic meltdown by Julia: photos are so unusual, they're typically so stressful, yet we want the exact opposite portrayed in the final product. I'd like to think that mission was accomplished.

Fast forward to the past couple weeks, as I've been re-scrolling through all our photos in preparation for our annual holiday cards.  It may seem a little early, but in a blink it will be time to send out Christmas cards. While *the* Christmas card shot has already been selected I didn't want to skip over some of the gems that didn't quite make the cut.
This one *almost* made the cut as THE photo for the front of the card.
After choosing the Christmas worthy photos, the real fun began... Creating Christmas cards! And, unlike the photo taking process itself, selecting and creating our cards was the exact opposite of stressful.

For as long as we've been sending out holiday and announcement cards we've used TinyPrints, so it came as no surprise that I immediately fell in love with their Premium Holiday Options this year. 

I kept bouncing between the new Personalized Foil Cards,
Glitter Cards,
and the Laser Cut Cards.
However, there were endless options with the Foil Stamped cards and Ornament Cards that were equally enticing.

Ultimately, this glitter card won. Because, GLITTER!
Selecting just one photo to showcase on the front of the card wasn't too difficult. But, there were a few others I wanted to include as well. Luckily, the option to add photos on the backside of the card made things pretty easy for me.
Naturally, once a design - with glitter!! - was nailed down, accessorizing with matching envelopes, inserts, and return labels was a must.
Full Christmas card reveal coming in December!
And just like that, our Christmas cards were done!
The next big question... Is now too early to send them out?

TinyPrints has so much more to offer. There is literally something for everyone: kids color-in cards, year-in-review cards, holiday birth announcements, and my personal favorite Baby2Baby, an organization that provides low-income children necessities they deserve. For each birth announcement or holiday card that is purchased within the Baby2Baby collection a portion of the proceeds go to Baby2Baby.

Through the end of today TinyPrints is offering 25% your entire order, simply use the code 25NOV at checkout.

Tell me, are you team foil, glitter, or laser cut?
And I need to know, I'm not the only one who's jumped on the Christmas train and ordered holiday cards already. Right??

Disclaimer: I was provided free product in return for my honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in anyway.


  1. Drew would have been the same way as Scott. Ha ha! I saw a huge sale on Snapfish over Halloween and ordered our cards. Mark it off!! It feels so good to have that finished. I'm with you though, now can I send them? Your sneak peek is awesome!! They look beautiful from what I can see.

  2. I received our Christmas cards already, too, but am debating when if it is too early to send them out. I'm leaning towards the Monday after Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see what your final card looks like!

  3. SO much fun! I totally went with a foil card this year. I have them sitting right by my desk just waiting to be put in the mail the day after Thanksgiving!

  4. Last year I was team GLITTER! This year, I went with personalized foil! I can't wait to share a sneak peak of mine and I especially can't wait to see your full cards! They look gorgeous from what I can already see!!!!!!!! P.S. I almost selected those same liners, but decided to do liners for birth announcements instead. ;)

  5. You guys are so photogenic. I love the card style you picked!

  6. I adore all of the pictures of you guys! I can't wait to see the full reveal of that beautiful card!

  7. I love Tiny Prints, I would chose glitter EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  8. Love the pictures and give me all the glitter!!!!

  9. Oh man, you are ON it for cards! I love that dress on you, lady. I cant wait to see the cards! Nice touch with the glitter and envelope liners.

  10. Mail them on November 22nd and you'll be the first card many families receive.

  11. Oh Julia!!! She's even adorable melting down! And YAY glitter!!!! I may have some of that coming too! ;) Love the liners you picked too!

  12. These are SO GOOD. I am DYING over the glitter on your cards. After you mentioned that to me, it might be all I can see. But only time will tell on that one! ;) I'm still narrowing it down! I swear picking a card is just as hard as taking pictures for me. Decisions decisions!

  13. Seriously can't wait to get this in the mail! I always think the day after Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to get them in the mail. So many fun options but I think I may go with personalized foil this year!

  14. Beautiful!! I'm dying to get our pictures back so I can order cards!