M & J Monday

The itsy bitsy pumpkin
rolled down a spooky street.
He passed a ghoulish ghost
and a stinky goblin's feet.
He traveled past a cornfield
among some bales of hay.
Then the itsy bitsy pumpkin
quickly bounced away.
The itsy bitsy pumpkin
didn't want to roam.
He tried so very hard
to find his way back home.
Luckily a passing witch
helped him on his way.
And the itsy bitsy pumpkin
was home by end of day.
The Itsy Bitsy PumpkinSonali Fry
Happy Halloween!!
Happy Monday!


  1. You are killing me! They look so adorable in their pajamas. I love them so much. Is that your front stoop because those pumpkins are amazing!!

  2. Happy Halloween! Where did you find Marcus' pajamas?

  3. Kitty cat Halloween jammies are simply just the best!

  4. Ha! They are both sticking out their tongues in the last one! So cute.

  5. WHYYY is Marcus so tall!! He's like a grown up.

  6. I love these!!! What cute pajamas!
    Also, is that your house?! Because if so, you guys are killing it in the decoration department! I love it!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  7. Omg. They are so freaking cute and festive! I LOVE THEM!

  8. Love these jammies!! Happy Halloween! Also those pumpkins are stellar!! Who carved them?!

  9. Those pajamas are GREAT! I love festive pajamas so much. Is that your porch? Love those pumpkins!

  10. Those pajamas are adorable! Makes me wish I had bitten the bullet and bought my son son. At least I just ordered Christmas ones! I love the pic of them holding hands, so sweet!

  11. So cute! I love the spider web pjs!

  12. The last photo? With both tongues out? PERFECTION!