Fix #9

After my flop of a fix last month I thought perhaps I needed to give Stitch Fix a little break. As everyone else in the world has been transitioning to Fall, complete with cooler temps and cute seasonal clothes, those of us in warmer climates haven't been as lucky in the weather department. BUT! As of late Mother Nature has gotten her act together, cooler temps have been making cameo appearances, and I figured it was time to see if I couldn't give the wardrobe a little freshening up for this season.

I put a request in for my stylist Raquel (hiiiii!) to once again put together my fix. I was fortunate that she was back for a seventh time. 
For this fix I mentioned the temps have been dropping (praise the Lord), I've been on the hunt for a cute vest, a good pair of skinny jeans, perhaps a flannel top, and booties to round out my closet. 

Raquel does THE best job personalizing every fix. She remembers previous requests, does a fantastic job sifting through my Pinterest boards, and over all does an outstanding job.
Raquel is good. But this time? This time Raquel NAILED IT.

As soon as I picked my package up (which arrived two days early!) I immediately knew by the size and weight shoes were in my future. 

Let's take a look....
This beauty has been an elusive unicorn of mine for some time now. I have it pinned (probably 50 times?), and while I try not to ask for specific items, this is the one top I've mentioned by name. Raquel tracked it down for me. The lace over lay, the cold shoulder, the adjustable straps. I truly just swoon over it all. 

Verdict || KEPT
I know Fall will be sticking around for a while, but I'm sure L.A. will toss out a few hot days every now and again. When that happens this will be the first thing I grab.

This entire outfit looks like countless outfits I have pinned on my Pinterest board. I wouldn't be surprised if this exact outfit is pinned several times. 

The top! The flannel top is cut so well. I've tried on countless tops that seem to just hang like a sack. This one does not. It's not super heavy, which means it will get lots more wear in the warmer Southern California temps.

THAT VEST! I have been hunting for a vest to love for ages. This one has all my wardrobe dreams coming true. 

The jeans! I know I've said it before, but I have no idea how Stitch Fix manages to find the best jeans. These skinnies fit perfectly and have just the right amount of give to them. These will be on frequent rotation, no doubt.

The booties! The color is so versatile. The heel isn't high, which means I'll still be able to chase children around yet maintain comfort. The laser cut detail is such a nice touch, it really gives the booties a little boost of character. These will complete countless outfits, for sure. 
This whole outfit just feels like Fall, and I was beaming when I pulled it all together. 

Verdict || I KEPT IT ALL

My first 5/5, and I could not be more thrilled about my haul!

Tell me! What do you think? Did you love each piece as much as me? Anything you would have sent back? Drop me a line in the comments and let me know.

Are you a Stitch Fixer? No? *gasp* Let's change that!

For $20 a box, a personal stylist will hook you up with some fun, cute clothes. If you love what's sent your way, the $20 is then applied to your total. Don't love anything? The $20 is about the cost of gas to head to and from the mall. Toss in the mandatory Starbucks you grab while shopping at said mall, and you've easily spent $20. Not to mention, you get to have a little fashion show in the comfort of your own home (it is so awesome to be able pull pieces from your closet and jewelry box to see if they'll go well with a Stitch Fix item). Wins all around, if you ask me.

Give it a go! Stitch Fix is easily one of the most fun things I've done for myself, and each time I see a box at my door my day is made!
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  1. Yippe for a 5/5 Fix!! I LOVE everything you received. I really want that vest. I've been searching forever for the perfect one and think I need to just do it. :)

  2. LOVE this fix! So good. I would have kept everything too!

  3. And you now are part of the cool club of people with vests, welcome! I love that you were able to make an entire perfect fall outfit with all of those last 4 pieces.

  4. Yes! I love everything you got!! Ask the pieces were so great, and I feel like several of them will work for multiple seasons. Your stylist did a great job!

  5. Looove everything you kept!

  6. Love love love!!! That cold shoulder top is beautiful! And I'm obsessed with the entire fall outfit! Head to toe perfection!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love everything! Your fall outfit is perfection and I love, love, love that lace top!!!! P.S. I just bought some similar booties a couple of weeks ago! Love the laser cut-outs!

  8. I love everything in there!! I may have to request those jeans- I desperately need new skinny jeans. I have a box coming this week- crossing my fingers that I get some keepers!

  9. What a great fix!! I'm loving those booties AND that vest! I know what i'm requesting in my next fix ;)

  10. That cold shoulder tunic is a major winner! It looks awesome on you, friend! I am so glad you kept it! And the flannel top, skinnies and vest – YES! Love them. Your stylist did so well! This is a fix that everyone would love.

  11. Love everything! And yes, I pinned the outfit with the vest!

  12. And that is one heck of a fix!!! That lace cold-shoulder top is just stunning! Love the boots, the plaid, the vest- EVERYTHING!

  13. I commented on Instagram but yup, definitely have the same Mistral top - LOVE IT. It's so pretty and feminine. And I just got those same jeans in my fix this weekend! Why are KFTK jeans so good? GREAT FIX

  14. Nailed it!!! Love the 'fall' outfit - love love it!

  15. What an amazing fix! My utility vest is a staple!

  16. This box was absolutely AMAZING. How awesome!!!

  17. It looks perfect! I love that you have a full outfit just from the box!

  18. As you know, I LOVE YOUR FIX. Your stylist totally nailed it! I'm obsessed with it all.
    I didn't realize for some reason that those jeans were Kut from the Kloth (my favorite!!) so I may need to pin this to tell my stylist!

  19. These are all so good! Glad you kept it all!

    Now that I'm not pregnant anymore.......I'm getting closer and closer to trying this out......

  20. Seriously such an awesome fix! And you look like you could be a model for Stitch Fix my dear! Love how many of your items made a complete outfit.

  21. Loved. Every. Item. (claps hands feverishly)

  22. Love your fix. I received the vest in my first fix and it is my absolute hands down favorite to date item stitch fix has sent me. Love the fall outfit!!!