The Week This Blog Changed Edition

I won't sugar coat this past week. It was crap. Not a whole lot went right, even more went wrong. Thanks to not-so-nice people in the world I've taken this space and made it private. To see something I've worked diligently on for over five years come to a crashing halt was a bit of a blow to the gut.
This is the space where I shared with friends and family a little glimpse of our lives so far from home. This is where I've posted the birth of my babies, their growth, milestones, and day-to-day lives. This is the place where I met so many wonderful ladies, fostered friendships, and made online relationships turn real life. Going private was a painful decision,  but the smartest one for my family and me at this time, but that doesn't make the sting of it all any less...

To add icing to the proverbial cake, both my babes were riddled with a handful of sicknesses this week that left me doing more loads of laundry than I even care to count. I've also used more disinfectant and scrubbed more surfaces than I care to think about as well.

With all that said and done, there's still good to be found in this week.
So. Moving along to the highlights.

1. Blogger meet-ups turned family get togethers!
Photo courtesy Erin.
If you don't follow Erin on Instagram you're missing out on some gorgeous photos and beautiful walls.
This. Right here. This is all because of the blogging world. Two of my favorite ladies online have become two of my favorite ladies in real life. And, all of it thanks to blogging. This weekend Erin, Liz, their littles, and husbands all came over. Our kids played, food was grilled, the guys chatted and drank beers, while the ladies sipped on sangria and talked about everything under the sun. I'm going to miss meeting and making friends like this. It was honestly one of the greatest joys blogging brought to my life. 

2. At least they're cute!
After one doctor visit, two ear infections, an RSV relapse (but no breathing treatments needed this time!), and two cases of the stomach bug, I'd say our house went through the ringer this week. Good thing they're cute, because I've lost more sleep and cleaned my more than my fair share of gross stuff in the past five days.

3. A breath of fresh air!
After all the gunk in our house it was nice to spend some time outside. Julia is happy as a clam swinging away the day. Marcus continues to impress me with his strength and monkey bar skills.

4. Peace out pureed food!
PB&J anyone? The little lady loves to gum up the bread and scrape all the peanut butter and jelly off the slimy mess that was once a slice of bread. It's totally gross, but she loves it.
For the past couple of weeks I've simply been handing over food to Julia at meal times. Albeit most of the food has been steamed or cut to fit her little fingers. But, it's been SO nice to not have to chop, steam, and blend. The mess is something I'm still trying to embrace, but meals have gotten so much easier. Plus, Julia really digs feeding herself. So, we're all winning this one.

5. Crawling!!!

After the longest time army crawling Julia has finally put together the pieces to actual crawling. Game changer. Game. Changer.

That's a wrap.


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry that you were subjected to such mean, hurtful people. I just don't understand what makes people choose some of the choices they do & then how can they sleep at night? It is seriously mind boggling.

    I'm so sorry that both kiddos were so sick. At least it all happened at once & will hopefully stay away for a long while!

    So Julia just turned into a little lady over night, hey? :) Such a big girl! As for Marcus, the monkey bars are quite impressive. Good job, buddy!

  2. I totally understand how you feel about going private. It just plain sucks in some ways because it does limit you. Ugh! It's so hard after working so hard to create something and have to put it on halt. Thank God for all of the friends I've made (like you) blogging because otherwise I would have just thrown in the towel. I love that you get together with Erin and Liz's families. That's so awesome. Someday we will meet my friend. Boo to sick babies. Hopefully they are on the upswing. Yay for Julia crawling. So adorable and she looks pretty happy about it. That picture of Marcus on the monkey bars is awesome. Have a great weekend.

  3. Everything about this blog mess sucks and I'm sorry you were a target of a horrible creep as well. Private definitely isn't ordeal, but it's brought me a sense of comfort over the past week. I love that you're close enough to these other sweet ladies to do meet ups. I feel like I'm so far from everyone else! Hoping Marcus and Julia are feeling better. Such cute pics from the week! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm just so disappointed that any person thought it OK to come into your space. Your beautiful, refreshing and happy space and throw nastiness in it. Makes me upset. But at the end of the day you still get to share your memories and all your amazing recipes with us! :)

    Watching Julia crawl on Snapchat was so neat! And those eyes are so, so blue!

    I hope that both she and Marcus are feeling better and that you have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Our get together was so. much. fun! We seriously love getting together with you guys and to have Erin and her sweet fam there made it so much better! I wasn't kidding when I said we should try to make it a monthly (or bi-monthly) thing!
    So sad the kids got sick on Monday morning though!! Total bummer but I'm so happy they're on the mend now! They sure look pretty happy to be at the park!
    And my word. Seriously, it's like Julia won the lottery by eating that sandwich. SO cute! She looks so happy! Total game changer now that she can eat real (I mean, non-pureed) food and SHE CRAWLS! Minus being sick, Julia had a good week!

  6. I loved the playground pictures and the crawling on snapchat! Hope everyone is well in your house now.

  7. So sucky to hear about the crazies messing up the blogging world :( And I'm so sorry you have been dealing with sickness :( At least you have the nice weather to get out and enjoy!

    I LOVE that Cal can just feast off his tray. It is a meal time game changer! Glad you're getting to that point too!

  8. Some highs & lows for sure! But yay for crawling!!! And your get together with the bitches! ;-) Still sad I wasn't there. And I'm so happy to have met you before you had to go private!

  9. Total game changer! Go Miss J!!!

    So sorry to hear about your awful week. I kept checking in for posts and didn't see much . The sickness makes sense now. Sick littles is no joke and motherhood at its hardest. Hopefully you have a MUCH less eventful week friend.

  10. Goodness it breaks my heart that some of my dearest blogging friends were attached by that evil person. I am so sorry sweet friend. So cool that you were able to get together with Erin and Liz and their families (even if I am a bit jealous on all parts!!). I loved the picture with all of the kiddos. I hope they are both feeling better. And whoa…that’s some crazy good strength, Marcus. And now riding without training wheels. What a big boy! And speaking of getting big…way to go Julia on the crawling and eating more solids!! Sweet babies!!

  11. Like everyone else, I'm sorry that you were subjected to some disgusting person. I may go private with mine in the future, but it sucks how many people it affected. I'm sorry your kiddos were sick :( That's never fun. I love that you're able to meet up with Liz and Erin though! Blogger meetups are the best! And yay Julia for crawling! Charlotte has been crawling now too and it's crazy.

  12. I am sorry that you were attacked by a horrible person. I don't understand why people feel the need to bully others online.

    Yay for Julia crawling! Nothing is safe now that you have two mobile children. :)

  13. It makes me so sad you had to go through this, Desiree. I have had the pleasure of getting to know you and that was because of blogging. So thankful we still have FB :)

  14. Whoa - it took a while for my blogger feed to catch up. This whole time I thought you hadn't been posting and suddenly this morning every post from the last week showed up. Ugh, so sorry that you not only had a rough (putting it lightly) week with the sick kiddos but on top of that, had to deal with the true ugliness of human kind. I hope that making your blog private allows for more positivity, support and all the praise that you deserve. Hugs to you, friend.

  15. I am so sorry i'm so late in reading this. Glad you all survived the awful week and hope you're all healthy now. :)

  16. Mean people are the worst. I look forward to (and cherish!) reading blogs, it's disheartening to hear crummy people try to steal other peoples joy.

  17. I know this is a fairly old post but I'm just getting to my email now after weeks of being away, against my will mind you!
    What a crap deal that you basically have to go into hiding by going private because people are mean & suck, sorry to hear you have to do that. Even more sorry to hear you had to deal with 2 sick littles. At least Julia is now sort of feeding herself semi real people food to ease your time in the kitchen AND she's crawling now too! I know more stages come next but ya gotta crawl before you can run, right? I hope everyone is on the mend now & that your days are starting to look up. Take care of you & your adorable little ones!