The Outdoors-y Edition

This week was filled with Julia turning eight months, and some new (to us), fun, outdoor adventures. 

To this week's highlight reel!

1. Hiking!
Our neighbors invited us to join them hiking along the cliffs and coast this past week. The day was entirely too gorgeous to stay inside, so naturally we went along.
A live sea urchin.
Whenever I find these they're never alive and have lost their spikes.
The views were amazing, per the usual, and we spotted some sea creatures we hadn't seen before.

Sara posted a beginners guide to geocaching not too long ago, and I was instantly intrigued. While on our hike we decided to see if we could find any hidden cashes. 
It's on this trail...
See it?
No? Me either.
It took us awhile...
How about now?
There it is!
It was just a log - the bottom unscrewed with a little piece of paper to sign - and none of us had a pencil/pen. But it was still a fun hunt!
It took us a bit, but we spotted one! 

And, now I'm hooked and want to geocache during all our free time.
I'd totally recommend this to anyone looking to get outside to have fun and do something a little different.

3. The Biggest Bubbles!
My folks sent Marcus a late birthday gift - the ALEX toys Monster Bubbles. And, it couldn't have come at a better time. This week was pretty hot, and an afternoon of bubbles the size of Marcus' body were perfect entertainment for us all.

4. Swimming!
With temps steadily in the 80° range for most of the week I figured we'd check out our pool.
It wasn't too terribly warm - Julia and I were brave enough to get our feet wet. But, Marcus had no problem cannonballing for a majority of our time there.

5. My Monkey!
So. Grainy!
I totally stole this from my Snapchat story.
If you don't follow, you should - desireemacke
Marcus has been working very hard on his monkey bar skills the past few weeks. Within the last week or so he's really started to master the skill. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally impressed.

That's a wrap!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Seriously you have such a fun packed week! I'm so impressed and want to do all the things with you guys! I'm gonna add you on snapchat now. It's crazy but I've been having so much fun not only reading about my favorite blog friends but watching. Feels so creepy, stalker-ish but so much fun, haha.

  2. What a fun week! I love everything that you did. I'm jealous of the warm weather. We had it a week ago, but it has been chilly here for the past week. Mother Nature is playing jokes on us over here on the east coast. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a FUN week! You're making me dream of summer!

  4. Hiking with a view sounds awesome! Adorable photos of your sweet little hikers. That sea urchin is all kinds of cool. And pretty, too! I am hoping we can get in some geocaching this weekend!! And whoa – HUGE bubbles…every kids dream! I was so impressed with that video of Marcus on the monkey bars. Strong boy! Happy Friday sweet friend. I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you guys tried geocaching! Isn't it addicting?! I've learned to carry a little bag of small trinkets, a few pieces of blank paper and a pen with us when we go geocaching. Wait until you find one with items inside - Marcus will flip! It's so much fun!

  6. Seriously how fun!! The views in California just look absolutely amazing. I had a friend that used to geo cache around here with her husband and they used to love it!
    I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  7. I love the KC heart shirts but I'm trying to save for a camera! ah! I love geocaching - more than my kids do I think! Can you teach me to use snapchat? I don't understand it! lol.

  8. Look at that pool!! Send some warmth our way, please!

  9. The sea urchin is pretty!

    The bubble machine looks nice. I pulled mine out last week only to find that it has died. I need to replace it so the girls can chase bubbles this summer.

  10. He's a serious monkey bar-er and swimmer!! And Geocatching...Sara has us all wanting more!!! LOVE IT! And sooooooooooo (so so so so) jealous of your weather! I am so ready for warm temps!

  11. That view on your hike was to die for. I'm so jealous that you're so close to the ocean! And that bubble machine is definitely going on Mila's 3rd birthday wish list. So cool! Enjoy your weekend!!

  12. We have friends who geochache a lot and they have a ton of fun doing it w/ their 10 and 8 year olds.

    Tell me about how you're sleep training Julia please.

  13. So if and when Ohio gets it's act together, we are going to plan an afternoon of geochaching. It looks so fun and I think Connor would love to discover the treasures along the way.

  14. That hike looks gorgeous! And I'm jealous you all are already swimming!

  15. I was seriously curious if there were any caches in our area! And look! You found one!! Now I might need to toss lex in pants and take her looking for some!

  16. Geocaching is so fun! My dad is OBSESSED@

  17. What a great time. I have always thought about taking the girls geocaching, we really need to give it a try once school wraps up.

  18. We are totally trying geocaching this weekend!!! Looks sooo fun!

  19. Catching up late, but it sounds like a great weekend! I so want to try geocaching- we just need some decent weather. And oh am I totally jealous that you're able to go swimming! I am sooo anxious for summer!

  20. Julia's bear ears hoodie and bow combo is the greatest. I need to go geocaching!