The Near and Far Edition

This week was uneventful. Until last night. Marcus quickly came down with a nasty case of croup that just wreaked havoc on the poor kid. His cough is that of a sick seal (though it's improving already), and last night the little man just couldn't keep food down (today I've promised all the popsicles). A trip to the hospital was made to confirm croup, administer some breathing treatments as well as a steriod, and inform us that Julia is likely to get this too. So, yay... Seeing your babies sick is the worst.

But, it's Friday, so that's something to celebrate. Let's move on to the highlights of the week, shall we?

1. Blogger Meet Up in San Diego!
If you're in San Diego and looking for a spot with great food and killer view of the city I'd highly recommend Coast Terra.

Drinks and the sunset at Hotel Del.
Four bloggers from near and far met up in one of the greatest Southern California cities, and we had views that were top notch. It was basically a dream come true. Sara, Erin, Liz, thanks for such a stellar Sunday. I hope we have more meet ups in our future!
Isn't the blogging world the best?!

2. Mail from all over!
The kids and I are participating in a blogger mail exchange that I can't wait to share more about soon. Going to the mail box has become an afternoon highlight for Marcus. He's absolutely tickled when something is in our box just for him (and Julia, too, but we won't spoil his fun). We've had mail from all over the country, and Canada(!!) come just for the kiddos, and seeing Marcus' excitement over each piece is pretty fabulous.

3. These cute little label stickers and return address stamp!
While everyone is over there with their washi tape closing up envelopes and whatnot we're over here sealing ours with these cute little labels from Label Daddy. (Don't worry, I fully have a supply of washi tape that I use on the reg.) I'm now looking for all the things to put our family picture on. The labels are water resistant and great for a multitude of other things besides envelopes. But for now, envelopes it is!
We've also joined the ranks of cute mail with our return address stamp. We are making our mail look good one sticker and stamp at a time. Who knew mailing stuff could be so fun and cute?!

4. Grandma!
Grandma Dudding is headed our way very soon. Scott is going away for a few days for work, so Grandma kindly agreed to leave the frozen tundra of Iowa to come hang out with us here in sunny SoCal. We are all looking forward to some quality time with my mom (and I've got my fingers crossed I can make a solo Target run while she's here).

5. Stitch Fix update
This has absolutely nothing to do with things near or far, but I had to share that I was able to exchange sizes for the red and white striped shirt with elbow patches. YAY!
And, while the shirt below fits a little big in the bust I was worried if I went down a size it wouldn't be long enough (which I tend to have a problem with as I have a pretty long torso). SO! I decided to keep it, and I'm already loving the decision to hang on to this piece.
Chalk that up to two new pieces in this gals wardrobe. Holler!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. ugh croup!!! The worst! We've been there with both our boys...and not to be a downer but I'm convinced that it was just a precursor to my older son's server asthma :(. Hang in there!

  2. Sorry to hear Marcus got sick, but the rest looks great! The mail exchange looks like so much fun! I really need to get to know more Mommy bloggers...

  3. Hope Marcus starts feeling better ASAP!!! And crossing my fingers that Julia doesn't get it!!!
    YAY for grandma visits! You guys are going to have a BLAST!
    And YAY for Stitch Fix keepers! I love what you kept!!!
    And of course, BEST SUNDAY EVER!

  4. Croup is the worst! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. Ugh. Croup is no fun! Hope everyone gets healthy soon!

  6. Oh, Desiree, I am so sorry to hear about Marcus! I will be praying for him and hope croup is gone soon... and that no one else in the family gets it. :(

    HOW exciting that the kids grandma will be coming! Is this your mom or MIL? I love when family comes to stay, especially moms! Enjoy the time with her.

  7. yay for exchanging!! and those envelope closure stickers?! i'm OBSESSED! i'm so glad julia will be catching whatever marcus has juuuust in time for your feb marathon of solo parenting :( if you need help. . or wine. you know where to reach me.

  8. meeting other bloggers -- the fun-est (is that a word?) Seriously digging the address labels and those stickers. O.M.G.

  9. SO JEALOUS of your meet up!! Loved seeing you all together! I hope Marcus feels better soon...no fun! I feel like someone in our family has been sick for the past three weekends. Maybe next weekend, we'll all be healthy?! Ha!

  10. What snail mail exchanges have you been participating in?

  11. I'm so glad Marcus is feeling better. Ugh, croup sucks! I thought cam had it last week. It thankfully it was just a regular couch that went away after a little time. Yay for Popsicles all day! Can I come? :) love those stickers and stamp. Too cute!! We are loving getting all the happy mail too! Got yours yesterday!!! :)

  12. Croup is terrible. Poor buddy! It's so great that grandma can come visit and help! We have an address stamp, too. It was fun shopping for a new one when we moved! Happy Friday!

  13. Bummer on the croup - too bad it's so warm there, they tell us to take the kiddos outside in the cold air when they have a coughing fit, it seems to help. Isn't that funny? Have fun w/ your mom! And I hope you get that Target trip - I could sure use one, too!

  14. Croup?! No!!!! And I am so jealous of your evening of drinks with all the lovely ladies! Although I do get to see Sara this weekend, so I'll at least take one!

  15. How awesome that they were willing to do a size exchange for you! Makes me feel good about a company that they'll do something as simple as an exchange for size alone, it would be awful to hear if they gave you a hard time about needing a smaller size. I can only hope the 1st shipment I just placed for in the not too distant future will go over half as good as most of yours have. I don't even need to want to keep all of them, just that most of them look at least half way decent & a little different or something that I'd never pick for myself. I'm still a little larger than I'd like to be, so I made note to focus less on bottoms and more on tops for the time being.
    Hope Marcus gets to feeling better soon & hopefully the health beings that be will have mercy on Julia & spare her from the croup too. Good luck as you battle the sickness with you littles! Happy weekend to the Macke family & I hope it's a good one!!

  16. I love your stamp! Where'd you get it? Also, we opened all our valentines today and yours was my favorite, you know s'mores have my heart :) Ive been contemplating what to order from labby daddy and now I gotta have those photo stickers!

  17. I love that all you girls were able to meet up! So so fun!! And I love your photo stickers! I'm kind of going sticker crazy on my planner this year, and photo ones are some of my favorites. And yay for grandparents coming to town! So nice to have an extra set of hands.

  18. Blogger meet up that is just too much fun! I love you stamp too. Such a cute little touch to make the mail a bit more fun.

  19. Ugh the croup! Hope he's feeling better and hope that Julia managed to not get it. And I am so happy all of you were able to get together (even though I am jealous)! Looks like y'all had a fabulous time. Your stamp and labels are awesomesauce!! Where is the stamp from? So glad you were able to exchange the elbow pad shirt! I loved that one!!

  20. I'm hoping that croup skipped Julia. There is nothing worse than not being able to prevent your little ones from getting sick.