The Baptism Edition

Earlier, I briefly touched on the fact that we baptized Julia over our holiday break. After a little thought I decided it wouldn't be right to leave out such an important detail of her life. This space is virtually our children's baby books, and Julia's baptism isn't something that I felt I should just skim. So, today's top moments are be from her baptism.

January 1, 2016 Julia was welcomed into the Catholic church.
Her face in this photo - I cracked up when I saw it. 

Through most of the Mass both the kids did exceptionally well. That's a miracle in and of itself. 
Julia only cried once, for a brief stint, during the blessing (and only spit up once as she was being blessed).
The ceremony was incredibly special, and Monsignor - as usual - delivered a beautiful message, that made Julia's moment very personal.
We were blessed to have my sister-in-law and brother-in-law so graciously agree to roles as Godparents.
Godmother - Susan
Godfather - Bryan
The baptismal gown Julia wore is the same gown I wore 32 years ago (and the blue dress I wore is a Stitch Fix keeper)
And, to top it all off, we were completely surrounded by both sides of our family, and blanketed in love. It was a special day that, several times left me teary-eyed, and one that I am sure to never forget. 
Both sets of grandparents as well as Monsignor.
The whole clan.
I couldn't imagine a better way to begin 2016.
May the Lord bless this child and keep her.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon her, and be gracious to her.
May the Lord lift up his countenance upon her and give her peace. 
Numbers 6 : 24-26

Welcome to the church, Julia!


  1. What a beautiful day! Julia looks so precious in her baptism dress and how special that it was yours. Yay! So glad you had so much family there to love and support you in this wonderful time for her. :)

  2. What a great day! Julia looks absolutely adorable in her gown. Alyx wore her godmothers baptism gown, and it was so special.
    What a beautiful family you have =)

  3. I love the face she is making in the first photo too, haha! It almost looks like she is mimicking the priest! :-) How special that she is wearing the same gown you wore! What a day to remember!

  4. Such a special day! And I am SO glad you were able to do it with your family with you. That is just the icing on the cake.
    I LOVE your outfit too! I think you picked the perfect one and you look gorgeous! That jacket really adds to it and makes it church appropriate (rather than the dress alone) and also kept you warm in those cold temps!

  5. I just love baptisms. How cool that she wore the gown you did all those years ago! I wish I had mine when we baptized my daughter. I actually ended up buying a bonnet, which actually turns into a handkerchief they can use when they get married. I thought it was so sweet, now to just hold on to it for another (hopefully) 25 years :)

  6. So beautiful. All of it! Her joining the church. Her dress. Your dress. What a beautiful day!


  7. Love!!! What a gorgeous baptismal gown and such a beautiful ceremony! You also look fantastic, my dear! Love the blue on you!

  8. What a beautiful way to kick of 2016. I love that Julia was wearing your dress. Moments like this are so special and treasured for years to come.

  9. What a special day! I love that she wore your baptismal gown. When Rhys got blessed, he wore my brother's blessing outfit.

  10. ...and may God bless her and keep her.

  11. Such a beautiful day, Im so glad you shared it with us! Blessings, blessings!!!

  12. What a special special day indeed! My boys have worn the same baptismal gown that my dad & I wore. I love family heirlooms.

  13. What a special and beautiful day! I love that Julia is wearing the dress that you wore. These pictures are amazing!!

  14. What a perfect way to ring in the new year. I love that she wore your gown. She looks absolutely precious in it!

  15. Such a special day for the whole family. I LOVE that she wore your gown too!