The A Little Bit of This and That Edition

Friday, it's so good to see you. Though our week hasn't been particularly eventful it's always nice to close out the week.

Some of this week's highlights from the Macke clan...

1. Last weekend we were fortunate to link up with Elizabeth and her crew to celebrate our birthdays. We ate at this cute little joint that served up some delicious fried chicken. And we cannot for one second overlook the goodness that was their butter cake.
Blogging friends that become real life friends - it's a pretty awesome thing.

2. We've had a bit of sleep regression with Marcus. None too coincidentally around the time Julia arrived. So after weeks of struggling to get either of the kids to sleep through the night I came up with an incentive program for Marcus (something tells me Julia isn't quite ready for this...). If Marcus can sleep through the night for a week straight without needing Scott or me to come to his room we will make a trip to the toy store.
So far we are 3 for 3 on uninterrupted nights of sleep. Sadly, the same cannot be said for his little sister.

3. This little gal has proven she's pretty fond of baths.
And I'm pretty fond of her.

4. Marcus' preschool comes up with some pretty fun craft ideas to coincide with the letters they learn each week.
While I don't hang on to every little paper he colors these crafts are keepers!

5. THIS!
Please excuse the poor quality pics and terrible selfie, and I know it's only two miles... But! It's been SO LONG since I've seen a negative split, not to mention I can't remember the last time I ran sub-10 miles. I'm getting the itch to find some good halves to run.

There you have it. Nothing too spectacular, but all the making for a pretty good week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. How fun that you were able to meet up with Elizabeth!! I have yet to meet any "blog" friends, but I totally would love to someday!!
    And Yay for Marcus!! Let's hope he continues with night 4!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. You rock, mama! Running at 7 weeks post baby? Keep up the great work!

    I have such a hard time with all the art Henry brings home. It's so hard to keep it all/display it but it's so darn cute!

  3. Look at you running at 7 weeks pp!! I hope I can do the same this time around!! I remember being quite sore after my c-section for quite some time though, I think I babied my incision lol

  4. What's a negative split?

    Julia looks so awake - is she past that newborn stage already?!??? :( :( :(

    Yay for incentives! We've used charts before to track progress in different areas, they worked so well - was happy to find some way to move the boys past their hurdles and/or bad behaviors.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Please explain the negative split to me- I am not a runner but feel like maybe trying it out lol. And I love that Marcus and Mason look like theyre twinning :)

  6. Nothing is cuter than a baby in a bath. I do miss those days!


  7. Aw love that you got to meet up with Elizabeth!!! And babies in the bath, allll the heart eyes!

  8. Waay to go on your running, and good luck on your sleep regression...I'm dreading all of those!

  9. YAY Marcus!!!!! Hey, I'm all for bribes. I think we might start a potty chart for Mason that involves bribes. Whatever lets you sleep at night!!! Well minus little sister. But I think she should get a pass for a few more weeks at least lol.

  10. Holy crap you are awesome! We need to run together so I can push myself to catch up to you! :)

    I hope the incentive program works! My girls are currently sleeping on the couch because I have no fight left in me. I just want them to sleep!

  11. We had the alphabet hung up on our walls from when Gabbie was in preschool - similar projects and so cute!

  12. Wahoo friend! You are making your comeback like a mad woman! So proud of you mama.

    Pre-school art has to be among my favorite. So fun and creative. I still have some of my favorite pieces that Marissa made I started to keep them all.... but really. That would've been crazy :).