The Gaining and Losing Edition

It doesn't seem possible September is here and another week is done, but alas, time keeps ticking away.

This week was relatively uneventful, but there are a few highlights to point out.

1. She's gaining :: Julia had a weight check this week. Two weeks ago she weighed 7 lbs 14 oz - her birth weight was 8 lbs 4 oz. So, I was especially curious to see how the little lady was doing. She's been about 90% breastfed and 10% formula (no shame in the baby feeding game, here!) - I honestly am having a hard time keeping up. She's a bit of a piggy these days, so I'm doing my best to keep up with her demands. At any rate... At her check up I was beyond pleased to learn she is up to 9 lb .05 oz (she still weighs less than what Marcus did when he was born). What we're doing is obviously working, so we'll just keep plugging away.

2. The past few nights have been pretty smooth sailing as far as a newborn is concerned. Julia's schedule has her waking only 2-3 times per night. I can handle that.
3. I'm ready to start losing :: I've been feeling exceptionally well the past few days. I am DYING to go out for a run and/or get in a decent workout. Though I technically have about two more weeks before the doctor gives me the 'all clear' I am going to see if I can't sneak in an easy mile, and/or possibly a nice, easy workout. I'm more than ready to rid of this baby weight.
4. While I can't say Marcus has 100% easily adjusted to life as a big brother (more on that to come), I do have to say he is absolutely the sweetest and most gentle when it comes to his sister. While I know this transition has been a bit of a challenge - not only for Marcus, but all of us - Marcus continues to astound me with the admiration he has for Julia.

5. Being it's September, and only my most favorite month of the whole year (my birthday, Scott's birthday, FALL!), I have a few fun things lined up, not only for my family and me, but for the blog readers as well. Nothing like ending on such a vague note, right? Stay tuned...
Have a great weekend!


  1. Seeing these pictures of Julia makes me miss my girls being that little!!! Julia is just way too adorable =)

  2. Eek! Too much cuteness in this post for me to handle. :)

  3. Love all these updates! Sounds like things are going well! Glad Julia's gaining!

  4. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing a sleeping baby, they just look so darn peaceful. Though I'd have to say its tied with Marcus feeding Julia, for real, my heart strings.

  5. Glad the transition to a family of 4 is working for you!

  6. It's Scott's birthday too?!?! When is his? We should celebrate him as well!
    LOVE the pictures of Marcus and Julia together! Though they do make Marcus look exceptionally old. Why do they have to grow up so fast?!
    So happy Julia is gaining weight so well!!! Being a baby is the only time when you can brag about gaining weight lol :)
    Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  7. I'm sure you have read all kinds of things on breastfeeding, but heads up that the little miss being a piggy as of late might be her cluster feeding and working on trying to increase your supply. Drink plenty of water, eat enough and nurse her as often as she wants -- it settles out and she'll spread the feedings back out again after a week or 2. Those weeks can be trying b/c you feel like you get nothing done but have the boob out, but keep in mind it's short lived! :)

    Yay for Marcus being an awesome big brother! Love those pics of them together!

    Went to the craft show today that I have been waiting for to pick out some headbands for Julia. Guess what -- that vendor wasn't there this year!!! I've been pining over that booth for years, and the first year I can actually go in there knowing I can get some for me, too, and they're gone!!! Totally bummed!!! The craft show in our town that's tomorrow is having a bow vendor (was told today) and I can't make it! SOOO mad and bummed. So I guess you'll be getting a package from an Etsy shop (if I don't find s/t special for Julia tomorrow). Darnnit!!!

  8. Marcus giving Julia her bottle= swoon. So stinking sweet!!! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to get rid of the baby weight; I wasnt even concerned with baby #1 but come #2, I was chomping at the bit to be done with the "extra". I think that's a great sign though because it means your body feels ready and that's half the battle.

  9. Yay for Julia puttin' on the ounces! And you are my hero for jumping back into your workouts...can you send me some of your motivation?!? Love the pics of your TWO kiddos!

  10. Oh that cliffhanger!!!! Eeeeshhh woman. I guess I am kinda glad it took me so long to read this :)! Hehe he! Watching you get back to exercise is so inspirational lady. Your amazing.

  11. It sounds like things are going great in your house! That's so awesome that Marcus has taken to Julia so well- that sibling transition can always be a hit or miss.

  12. I am glad things are going well! It is awesome, and amazing, that you are back to working out. It took me 6 months after Meeghan to even think about doing anything. You are a rock star!