Thanks Sarah K.!

Awhile back I was reading my friend Sarah's blog regarding a Banana Bread Beer she had tried. Yep, sounds different, but I had to try it out! It took me quite some time to actually find the stuff, but when I did I'm pretty sure I did a little happy dance in the middle of World Market.
The picture is a bit blurry, as I used my cell phone -- and I may have been wrapping my happy dance. Soooo... What did it taste like? Awesomeness! It was a great, light beer, with the slightest kick of banana bread at the end of each sip. It is safe to say I'll be purchasing this often, or as often as I can find it.
To Sarah K., thanks for your blog suggestion, I've found a new, favorite fruity beer!

Since I'm on the topic of adult refreshments... Scott and I have been on somewhat of a cider kick. If we're out and about and see cider on a restaurant/bar menu odds are we're trying it out.
Our last purchase was Ace Pear Cider. I love this stuff! It's so light and crisp, and doesn't leave your stomach feeling heavy and full. So delicious! While Scott's parents were visiting we had them try it, and now they're turned on to it as well.

With all this talk of yummy drinks I can't wait for the next BBQ/gathering to open up a cider or Banana Bread Beer!

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