Location, Location, Location

After much discussion Scott and I have decided to seriously look into the option of owning a home. We've spoken with a realtor, and we've started searching for homes online. 

To purchase a home within our price range we would either have to purchase a townhouse, condo, or move to "the valley." Any of these options would most likely mean a 30 minute morning commute for Scott, and at least 45 minutes at night. Ugh. 

And, looking at what we can buy in SoCal, compared to what we could afford in the Kansas City area, wow.

At the very top of our price range, this is typically what you can get in "the valley."
3 bed, 2 bath, 1,868 sq ft
Built in 1949

And, here's what you could get, for the same price, in Northern Johnson County, Kansas.
5 bed, 4 bath, 5,001 sq ft
Built in 2006

It almost makes you sick to look at the difference. Clearly it's all about location... 

Wish us luck as we move forward with our home-buying decision!

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