A Week of Theater

While Scott was at his two week training in San Diego (and I wasn't visiting), I had a week to keep myself busy. My mom was kind enough to fly out and visit me, and we took full advantage of all the entertainment L.A. has to offer.

Our first stop was to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Usually I'm not a fan of Hollywood, and try to avoid it at all cost. However, the Pantages was an awesome theater. It felt like "old Hollywood."

Interior of Pantages Theater (photo courtesy of http://www.john-gates.com/).
The Pantages was the stage for Rain, a tribute to the Beatles. The singers were spot on, and sounded just like the Beatles! I'd suggest seeing Rain to any Beatles fan.

We also decided we'd see the Broadway play, God of Carnage. The cast consisted of only four performers: James Gandolfini (Tony, from The Sopranos), Jeff Daniels (from a plethora of movies, but my all time favorite being Dumb and Dumber), Marcia Gay Harden (from several movies, but most notably from Mystic River), and Hope Davis ("Mia" from In Treatment). The play was good - I'd never seen a play like this one; there were no change of scenes, no intermission, and not a peep of music.
 The cast (photo courtesy of http://www.hollywood.com/).

Since my mom is a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars, and since we live so close to The Grove - where the TV show Extra! is taped - we headed over to see Mario Lopez.
What Saved By the Bell fan isn't excited to see "Slater" up close?!

The woman he's interviewing is Rebecca Black. Apparently she's a big hit on YouTube with her song Friday.

We had a great time checking out new places around L.A., and experiencing more of what L.A. has to offer. And, here are just a few more reasons to visit L.A. and visit us!


  1. YUCK. That Friday song is HORRIBLE, yet it gets stuck in your head so easily!!

  2. I went to see Rain with my sister who is a huge Beatles fan and I LOVED, LOVED it!