A Change of Pace

A few weeks ago Scott had a two week training in San Diego. I figured I'd optimize his training and make it into a little get-away for us. I headed to San Diego one evening after work. Normally, it takes two hours to get to San Diego, however, leaving L.A. during rush hour *grrr* put me in San Diego three hours after my departure. It took me an hour to reach the freeway! Insane.

Courtesy of Scott's work, we stayed on Coronado Island, in a fantastic hotel that sat across the street from the famous Hotel Del Coronado.
Glorietta Bay Inn - the hotel we stayed in - this was originally the house of the man who built the Del.
The famous Hotel Del.
The Del - from the beach.

The only way to access the island, by car, is by crossing the Coronado Bridge.
 Pretty impressive.

Coronado was a fantastic change of pace from LA. Every place we went on the island was within walking distance of our hotel. The island felt like an actual community.
During our stay, we took advantage of some of the great things San Diego has to offer.

During the weekdays while Scott attended his training, I met up with my aunt, who lives in San Diego. We headed to one of my favorite spots in San Diego... Balboa Park. The park is simply amazing, and huge. There are museums galore, and it's such a beautiful place to spend the day.
The Park.
One of the many museums.

We attempted a Padres game. We made it through two innings, and then mother nature had other plans... Like postponing the game.
PetCo Park with hot coco in hand (it was shockingly cold for SoCal).

Scott and I made a trip to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. It's sort of like a zoo, but it's sort of not. There are all sorts of wild animals from all over the world, but these animals aren't caged like the animals found in zoos. Animals here have huge spaces, similar to their original habitats, for the animals to roam around in.

This little guy (it's not a baby Cheetah, but I can't remember what it is...) was near the entrance of the park. I wanted to take him home!
Photo courtesy of Scott - he found it hilarious.
Scott with one of the nations greatest symbols.
The Wild Animal Park has something that really sets it apart from zoos; there are huge areas designed to resemble different areas of the world. We took a tour through "Africa," and were treated to lunch with giraffes.  

Post Wild Animal Park we stopped at a winery. The wine was delicious, and the views spectacular.
Enjoying a nice glass of vino.
Open space and lots of land! Something we are severely deprived of.

San Diego was a much needed retreat from the day-to-day routine in the concrete jungle of L.A. It's amazing what a difference two hours can make.  

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