March 23 marked seven spins around the sun.
With each passing year it doesn't become any less surreal. Even though I beg and plead for him to refrain from growing up, it happens any way.

This year Marcus' excitement over his birthday was nothing short of palpable. Weeks leading to the day there were conversations that sounded a lot like this: "Mom, guess how old I'm going to be in two weeks?" "Mom, only ten more days till my birthday." "Mom, my birthday is coming up!" I love the excitement, but I wish time would slow down.
Thing I never want to forget about Marcus at this particular age:

  • American Ninja Warrior Kids is life. So much so, we now have a ninja obstacle course mounted in our garage.
  • Baseball is the sport of preference. Catcher is where he seems to thrive. 
  • Grilled cheese, hot dogs, and pizza are culinary masterpieces in his mind.
  • School is his favorite place to be. Science and math are classes he enjoys most.
  • Reading is high on his list of favorites.
  • Marcus' manners are second to none. 
  • Sweet, compassionate, and caring best describe him. He cares so deeply for others, and wants everyone to be happy. 
  • Dad Jokes are his very favorite, and he fails to nail the punch line 10 times out of 10.
  • Although Marcus loves a good Dad Joke, and enjoys being silly, he's still very much one of the most serious and literal children I've ever known. 
  • Marcus is the best big brother, even with the constant barrage of little sister annoyances. 
  • It's becoming more and more rare to have him reach for my hand to hold. But, night time snuggles and bedtime stories are still going strong. 
  • His giggle is contagious, and no matter how often I hear it I can't help but smile, and my heart soars with overwhelming joy. 
I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a great kid, but I sure am thankful he's mine. 

Six was good. Really good. Six seemed like a real, nice, sweet spot. But I truly think seven might be even better.

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