Fix #20

Normally I don't schedule my fixes two weeks apart. BUT, when Stitch Fix emails you a deal for a Style Pass (one-time $49 fee, applied towards a fix), for unlimited fixes without a style fee... I couldn't NOT sign up, and then immediately schedule a fix. Which is precisely what I did.

And, just a few weeks ago I was watching a Stitch Fix stylist on Instagram stories reveal her fix. In it was a pair of faux leather leggings that I was just itching to try on. I'm also riding the camo train so hard right now.

So, I put in a call for Raquel to see if she could hunt me down some faux leather leggings, a camo sweater/sweatshirt, as well as a few more basic tees, and anything to compliment faux leather...

Raquel did another stellar job, per the usual, and met every single request.
Immediately upon opening I thought my "just for fun fix" was going to be a 5/5...

Let's take a look!

Sanctuary || Fitzy Camo Print Cardigan
Soaked in Luxury || Magalie V-Neck Pocket Knit Tee
Spanx || Kemella Faux Leather Legging
Per Raquel's suggestion, I paired the leggings with every top in this fix, including this knit top and cardigan.

I have to say, right out of the box, I was in love with the Spanx leggings. I love the color. I loved that they sucked in all the things. At first when I pulled these on I thought they were going right to my dresser. However, after looking at them in every photo from this fix, I just didn't love them on me. Maybe (???) if they were black I would keep them around. I'm not sure. But, I just couldn't pull the trigger to hang on to these.

The Soaked in Luxury pocket knit tee. I wish you could FEEL how unbelievably soft this tee is. It's like butter and silk had a baby. This is easily the softest tee I've ever laid hands on. I really like the green color, it's something I don't have in my closet. I also appreciate that the back is longer.
Moving on to the camo cardi. I can't seem to get enough camo in my life. I have a camo tee, camo Spanx leggings, and now a request for a sweater. I took a poll on my Instagram stories to see if there was such as thing as too much camo in one's wardrobe. Turns out, an overwhelming majority say bring it on!
Verdict ::
V-Neck Tee - KEEPER
Camo Cardi - KEEPER
Le Lis || Yeaton Cowl Neck Knit Top
Out of the box I wasn't in love. I know I've been requesting neutral colors, but this one just seemed so meh. The cowl neck is great, the cutout detail in back is fun. But, I just know this isn't something I'd ever reach for. 
Even with the cardigan I couldn't love it. Then I spotted a hole in the seam of the cowl and that sealed the deal for me. 

Verdict ::
Cowl Neck Knit Top - RETURNED 

Market & Spruce || Zansia Curved Hem Knit Top
I paired this top with a pair of running shoes, as I could totally see me tossing this on as I get ready for the school drop off line. I'm a fan of most of Market & Spruce's items, and a sucker for stripes. The gray and white is very much "me." The hem is great, and I love that it's a little bit longer. But, I do have a similar top that's just a little lighter weight than this one. 

Verdict :: 
Market & Spruce Curved Hem Knit Top - RETURNED
SPANX Faux Leather Leggings - RETURNED 

Though my original thought of 5/5 ending up being a 2/5, I'm thrilled with my keeper pieces. 
Thoughts?? Did I keep the right pieces? Did I send back something I should have kept?! Drop me a line in the comments and let me know. 

AND! You still have time to try Stitch Fix risk free - that means your first style fee is waived! If you haven't tried Stitch Fix yet, click this link HERE to give it a shot


  1. I love what you kept and would have done the same had I been given the chance. I have a fix coming on February 8th and I was really detailed with my request so let's hope it's a good one!

  2. Too much camo might happen if you wore all your camo pieces together!

  3. Such a great fix! I have one scheduled for next month and I'm pumped! I'm also on a camo kick!

  4. I think you kept the perfect pieces. I am in love with that cardigan.

  5. That camo cardi!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 And yep, totally bought that style pass too!! It was a no brainer when the money gets applied to an item!

  6. LOVE that you kept the cardigan! You TOTALLY needed that in your closet!!
    Kinda bummed you returned the Spanx, but I agree with you, probably would have been better in black.
    Overall, another home run by Raquel!

  7. I have a pair of black faux leather leggings, and I wear them all the time. They seriously go with everything! Could you request another color?

  8. I agree with everything you kept and returned! I really want some faux leather leggings too but def. in black!

  9. Girl, your legs are awesome, I am inspired. Im dying over “if butter and silk had a baby” talk about a visual haha.

  10. I think you did well with the pieces you kept. I love that camo cardigan.

  11. You seriously have the best stylist. And always look amazing in everything. Really, yo should be a stitch fix model.