We Ran Away From the Kids (for a week)

When Scott is away for work I try not to complain (too much). I know there are military families who go much, much longer without seeing their loved ones, and that helps put 60 days in to perspective. But, that doesn't make any amount of time apart easier. And, this year has been particularly heavy on his travel and time away from home.

That said, after Scott's last lengthy trip I mentioned that he and I needed to get away - no kids allowed. I needed it for my sanity, and we needed it to reconnect and just be Scott and Desiree, not Mom and Dad.

A little discussion, a bit of research, a bat signal to our families for help with kids, and the next thing I know we're booked and set for a week-long trip to Kauai. Tickle me pink.

I know vacation recaps aren't typically the highlight of posts for readers, and I can't promise this will be short (so.many.photos), but I'll do my best to keep the "fluff" out, because I want/need to document this trip.

Our stay was heavy on the hiking, tossed in with some relaxation, a splash of touristy stuff, meals we could actually sit and enjoy with adult conversation, and seven glorious nights of uninterrupted sleep. Oh, and, there might have been a few wall stops along the way, obviously (but, that's another post for another day).

Right off the plane... Are you kidding me? This trip was bound to be the best.

First things first. We drove right up to two waterfalls to check that off the bucket list. You can't go to Hawaii and not see a waterfall or two, or three, or 20.
Wailua Falls
Opaekaa Falls
Hiked Sleeping Giant (4 miles - difficulty: moderate).
Named Sleeping Giant because the shape of the mountain is a giant's profile lying down.
About half way up.

Lava tube cutting through the mountain at the top.
At. The. Top.

Hiked Kuilau Ridge Trail (2 miles - difficulty: easy to moderate).
It felt a lot like we were walking down a Jurassic Park trail. I was expecting a Velociraptor to jump out at us any minute.
Spot Scott?

Hiked Mahaulepu Beach Trail (3 miles - difficulty: easy).
Can you see me?
After we wrapped up our hike we watched local kids jump off cliffs similar to the one I was standing on. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Caught some stellar sunrises while drinking, and finishing, hot cups of coffee.
Just steps from our VBRO.

Jumped in Hawaii's state bird - also known as The Helicopter - to take a tour of parts of the island that are only accessible by chopper.
I wish the photos and video we took did even a fraction of justice the landscape we saw deserves. It doesn't, not at all, but I'll drop these few pics here, to at least remind us of what we experienced.
The grandeur of these falls is totally lost in the photo. Hundreds (possibly thousands?) of feet, and breathtaking.
See the boat along the coast? Kind of puts into perspective how high we were.
Throwing shockas like we know what we're doing.

Hiked Pihea Trail
(3-ish miles - difficulty: moderate to strenuous).

Hiked Honopu Ridge Trail (6 miles - difficulty: difficult, one of the roughest on Kauai). In order to make sure we were on the trail we were constantly looking for little pieces of tape or yarn tied to trees and branches left by hikers before us (God bless them). We hiked, and hiked, and hiked, only to be socked in by clouds and miss out on a killer view of Kauai's North Shore. This was easily the most challenging hike we did the entire week. The jungle seemingly tried to eat us - the ferns were absolutely brutal - staying along a razor-back ridge, and views that we ended up missing. Physically and mentally challenging, and a bit of a letdown at the end.
Left: A RIBBON!! Amen for those tiny little markers to keep us on the trail.
Right: All those damn clouds.
The trial was literally trying to eat us alive. I swear it.

Hiked Cliff Trail to Waipoo Falls
(4 miles - difficulty: moderate).

I stuffed shave ice into my face as often as I could. Scott took a few bites, and watched as I ravenously consumed the rest.

Boated up and down the Na Pali Coast to check out the sea caves, and then swam with turtles and fish.

Hiked the first two (of 11) miles of the Kalalau Trial (Total miles, 4 - difficulty: moderate)
Hiking the whole 11 miles (22 miles round trip) is now officially on my Life Bucket List. That also consists of a full day of non-stop hiking, followed by camping on a beach, and then hiking 11 miles back. Sounds fun... except the camping part.

Amazing. Epic. Once-in-a-life-time. Our week in Kauai was all of those things, and so, so much more. We were rejuvenated, restored, re-set, rested, and relaxed.

I can't thank my mother-in-law and father-in-law enough for watching Marcus and Julia while Scott and I checked off one bucket list item after the next.

Now, on to things, like actually camping (because my idea of camping is a Holiday Inn...) so we can attempt the entire 22 miles of Kalalau Trail. And maybe go back for a few more of those shave ices.


  1. Wow. I love this! Such stunning photos but girl, my idea of a vacation does not include allll the hiking! So glad you got to enjoy a week sans kids to reconnect with your hubby. And I can't wait for those Hawaiian walls!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, such gorgeous photos!! Looks like you had a great time! I can't even imagine what sleeping in would feel like for a week. Love all the hiking you did and the helicopter tour too. That was one of the most memorable things we did when we went to Kauai. And 60 days on your own with the kids?! I would totally have my hubby take me to Hawaii too :) You deserve a medal.

  3. That is so amazing. What do you mean bloggers don't like reading vacation recaps? That's like all I blog about! lol.

  4. What a great trip! I'm so glad you got time together to reconnect because it's so important!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!
    also, I LOVE your hat!

  6. Ok, your trip is seriously making me SO excited for ours!!!
    A couple things... I had no idea you didn't like camping! For some reason I just figured since you liked hiking, you liked camping? I don't know why, the two don't necessarily go together, but I'm with you, my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn.
    Also, for some reason, I thought you were going to say you cliff jumped when you were on the edge there, but I see you didn't ;)
    So, SO glad you guys got to get away!!! It sounds like the most perfect week ever!

  7. Looks like you 2 had an amazing & much needed adult vacation getaway and full of experiences & hikes that wouldn't have been possible with Marcus & Julia! We did a helicopter tour when we were there & apparently it is 'possible' that a dino could've joined you on a trail since parts of the movie were filmed there, from what we were told at least. Glad you both enjoyed your hike filled vacation! Too much hiking not enough relaxing for my ideal vacation but go you!

  8. So so jealous of this trip! Looks like you guys had such an amazing time! Conor & I are thinking of planning an epic trip for our 10 year anniversary! In three years....

  9. GOALS, mama. Hawaii looks positively magical and all that sleep and hot coffee make me believe dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing, also: shaved. Ice. Yassss.