Fix #14 + $150 SF Giveaway

It feels like ages since my last fix!

This go around I asked stylist Raquel for summer inspired pieces. I'd been pinning rompers, jean shorts, some tanks, and I specifically requested one particular maxi dress that I've been swooning over forever.

As usual, Raquel did an outstanding job paying close attention to my request and clearly sifted through my style board.

Before we get to the threads... Some pretty amazing ladies and myself are hosting a $150 Stitch Fix Mother's Day Giveaway! Entry options are available at the end of the post.

Onward to the fix!

Skies Are Blue || Rhema Romper

I decided I'd go out on a whim and try the romper thing again. You can never go wrong with  black, so I fully appreciated the color. As with the last romper I tried, the length of the shorts portion left me so self conscious. It seems so... short. And, lets talk about the number of buttons there were just get the front opened. SO. MANY. I got so frustrated trying to button the thing back up once it was on that I may or may not have left like, six, still unbuttoned for this photo. I shudder to think what a chore it would be to get out of this thing when the need to pee strikes. The length and the buttons were deal breakers.

Verdict || Returned

FATE || Ruby Maxi Dress
This dress was so silky and flowy, and exactly what I dreamed it would be. I love the ultra feminine floral detail. And, there are some subtle butterflies flittering around in the print as well. The slits give the dress a sexy feel that most of my dresses don't offer. My closet if void of the halter style so I appreciated that as well. I can see myself reaching for this piece for a summer date night. I can't sing enough praises about this one. I simply love it.

Verdict || Kept

Papermoon || Mula Knit Tank
Level 99 || Josh Denim Short
Full disclosure. I abhor my legs, and always have. So, shorts are something I don't love reaching for. Though, during the most hellacious summer days they're practical and necessary. I was really hoping I'd like these, as they fit really well. However, I wasn't sold on the large front pockets. The price didn't do the pair any favors either. For something I don't particularly love to begin with, the price needs to be a tad lower. As for the tank top... it's cute, something that looks very much "me." But, for $38.00 I feel I could find something similar for less. 

Verdict - Level 99 Josh Denim Shorts || Returned
Verdict - Papermoon Mula Knit Tank || Returned 

Spade & Heart || Clariss Embroidered Keyhold Knit Halter
This is a tank top I wouldn't normally go to in a store. On the hanger it didn't really wow me, and the print didn't impress me much. However, on, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually liked this piece. The tank was super comfortable, the key hole was a cute detail, and the embroidered print was actually a nice touch. That said, for $54.00 I couldn't see myself reaching for this near enough to want to keep it. 

Verdict || Returned

A 1/5, though I'm not at all disappointed. For me, that dress is a unicorn piece, I could not be any more thrilled to have it in my closet. How did I do? Did I keep the right piece? Was there something I should have hung on to?

Let's get to the $150 Mother's Day, shall we?
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  1. The dress you kept is stunning! You look beautiful!

  2. Completely agree with what you chose although the romper looks really great on you! But the button factor when you have to pee, not so great!

  3. That dress is beautiful! And such a keeper!

  4. Totally great pick with the dress! I agree with you on the other pieces. I once about had a panic attack because I couldn't get out of a romper I tried on.

  5. Desiree! You are a vixen in that romper! You 100% should have kept it!

  6. Love that dress! I'm not a romper person at all! I like the tank, but yeah pretty expensive!

  7. I love the romper and the dress so much!

  8. Ooooh that dress is amazing!! Glad it worked on you and you found yourself a unicorn! I'm with you on the other pieces--not bad, but also not worth the money when you don't absolutely adore them!

  9. You definitely kept the right piece! I LOVE that dress!!

    You looked seriously stunning and smashing and amazing in that romper- but I completely understand not feeling comfortable in something and therefore not keeping it.

  10. Desiree!! You are one hot mama! That dress is gorgeous on you and you need to go on a date ASAP so you can wear it. And you could so pull off that romper, just sayin' :)

  11. That maxi dress is killer! Looks great on you!

  12. That dress!!!! OMG!!! Your unicorn. And it has butterflies?! Sold right then and there. It looks amazing on you!

  13. Love the dress you kept! I also appreciate a good romper but also find they're too short! I got a great one at Target recently. (And I thought the romper looked great on you!) Also - ask your stylist for Kut From the Kloth Lonnie Distressed Cuffed Denim Boyfriend Short - they are a GREAT length.

  14. I'm with you on rompers. Usually too short and when you go to the bathroom you're practically naked since you have to take the whole thing off. Loved everything else but could see why you sent them back. The dress is beautiful!

  15. Love, love love the dress you kept! While the romper sounds like a pain in the rear it really does look great on you!

  16. What a cute fix! :) Loved it

  17. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I like the embroidered tank too but the price would make me hesitate.

  18. Oh no! I missed the giveaway! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!
    BTW--my favorite absolutely has to be the black romper! How adorable!