M & J Monday

Oh Sea, why do you deliberately pound the rocks along the bay
Sending showers of white foam up, in a cascade of spray,
Can you not cease your travels, churning incessantly,
Surging back and forth, always longing to be free
Oh Sea, you are so gigantic, so powerful and wild,
And yet at times you're gentle, just like a little child,
You command our admiration, your vastness is immense,
But you are so unpredictable, your energy intense.
Oh Sea, it is a pleasure when your tides flow, to and fro,
To sit and watch the sunsets, over waters all aglow,
To know your restless feelings, to accept your endless tasks,
And yet to try and understand, what you keep behind your mask.
Oh Sea, who owns the tranquil blues and greens, and violets too,
That in your watery world to us, gives such a wondrous view,
We know your unleashed mighty force, the course you have to take,
The storms, the squalls, the hurricanes, these terrors make us quake.
Oh Sea, we know of other words like tranquil, calm and still,
Times when you are peaceful, with no need to thrill,
Contrasts are your constant plan, your order of the day,
And admiring you, we would not have you, any other way.
Excerpts from Oh Sea
Ernestine Northover
Happy Monday!


  1. Seriously gorgeous! I love how much they love the ocean. Are these the tide pools? We still need to go there one day with you!
    I love the little rainbow that you caught as well!

  2. Gah, what a gorgeous spot! And can we talk about those waves?!

  3. This is so pretty! Love the ocean so much!

  4. I mean... could these babies have a prettier place to call home?

  5. That little rainbow spray capture is breathtaking!!

  6. Seriously, what I would do to live so close to the beach. The waves hitting the rocks and that rainbow seemingly appearing from no where! So beautiful!

  7. So much gorgeousness! Those blue skies and waters and their bright jackets...love it! That last picture should be framed and hung in your house!!

  8. Look at them in their cute raincoats! Love these! The last one is a framer!

  9. I love your pictures! You always visit the most beautiful places!