Julia || 17 Months

I feel like month 17 has brought us to a nice, sweet spot with Julia. For the most part, she's a pretty easy little lady (as long as she gets what she wants), and life is pretty good. Let's forego any other fluffy pleasantries and cliché phrases (another month really has gone by, and it really did fly!), and just jump right into a few highlights of the little lady.
Height: last I measured, she was 32ish inches (very precise).
Weight: meh, I'd say probably 21ish pounds - her cheeks are nice and chubby, so I'm going off of that.
Teeth: Three canines have popped through, with the fourth thisclose to breaking the surface, so I'm going to round up and say 16. And let me say that the canines have been exactly zero fun the past few weeks. 
Marcus' toys.
Being held right after waking up in the mornings and after naps.
Dancing. She will dance to any music or beat.
Having shoes on her feet.
Being outside.
Leaves. Rocks. Sticks. Hence the stick in every.single.picture.
Being pushed in her tricycle.
Her baby dolls; it's the sweetest sight when she totes those around and plants kisses on them.
Climbing on everything.
Cheese - the food, not the phrase for photo taking.
Any snack.
Mac and cheese. All day, every day.
Marcus, when he's touching her toys.
Being told, "no."
Being held when she wants to run wild.
Cooperating for pictures. It's a workout with this one to get just one picture that isn't a blurry mess.
Diaper changes (when does this battle end?).
Our lab, Drake, when he gets too close while she's eating a snack.
There still aren't a ton of words in Julia's vocabulary, but a few notable new ones:
Bubble - "bubba"
Baby - "day-dee"
Cheese - "eeeese"
No - "nah" (complete with a head shake)
More - "mah"
Milk - "mil"
Water - "ah-wah" (sounds so much like the Spanish word for water, "agua")
Grandma - "Mawmaw"
I also have to note that to Julia all birds say "quack."
She also loves to make this gruffff sound when she's playing around, she thinks it's hilarious when we copy her.
Other notables:
After naps and waking in the morning, when I pick Julia up she rests her head on my shoulder, wraps her arms around me, squeezes tight, and lightly pats my back. I hope she does this forever and ever.

I'm not taking too much stock in this, but a few times this month Julia has let me know when her diaper has been dirty. She's pointed to her diaper and said, "poooooh." There's not potty training in our sights, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed with the few times this has happened.

We're currently flip-flopping from two-naps-a-day to one-nap-a-day. This transition period isn't my favorite, but I have high hopes that once a nap is cut we'll be able to sleep in past 5am.
I love you, little lady. You are something else: equal parts sweet, and sassy, and spunky, and naughty (oh so naughty), and feisty, and fun, and simply a joy.
To month 17 I say, "Cheers!" I can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us.


  1. How is she almost a year and a half? Didn't you just have her flamingo party? Goodness!! Such a sweet and beautiful little girl.

  2. Wyatt pats my back too. It is the sweetest little thing! She is just a doll!

  3. What a sweetie! Every age is a great age sometimes but I think you are at a good one!

  4. Such a sweet little smile. I love that I can see bits of Marcus in her, but she is so different too. Also her hair is fantastic :).

  5. She is just the most precious little thing! Nah with a head shake. I love it! Canines are no fun at all. Calvin just popped his last one.

  6. Could she get any more sweet?! I think she is the perfect combination of you and Scott.

  7. So cute! Mac and cheese, and just regular cheese are Liana's two favorite foods here too :) Oh yes, diaper change battles. Currently, she gets to hold one of our old cell phones and play with it, which helps. I remember that 2 to 1 nap transition- always a fun time! (not) :D She's just adorable though - aren't the big hugs and squeezes the best?! Liana does that too around our necks and I LOVE it.

  8. Golly, she's cute!!! I love this age--expect for the nap transition! Hope it brings later mornings for you though!

  9. Sweet girl! Love love love. The picture right above other notables totally melted my heart - frame that one! :) Goodness, I just love this! So fun seeing some of my Loulie Girl in this and to know what's in store for us.

  10. Julia is such a beauty! I want to pinch her cheeks! I see so much of Brielana in her that it makes me wonder if all second kids are like this? Lol

  11. Drew is 29 inches and 22 pounds. Catherine is 34 inches and 27 pounds. Our boys have definitely inherited the Dudding gene! Our girls apparently missed the boat, but I am OK with that. Also, James is 50 pounds and 42 inches. Like I said, big boys, small girls!

  12. Mabel does the same thing with her diapers! I don't plan to PT for a long while, but man, I sure hope that's a sign of things being easier with her than with Abigail.

    I adore her and her little outfit in all of these pictures!! TOO cute!

  13. I'm jealous that she has held onto two naps this long! And wow is she looking more & more like Marcus. Also, I feel like 18 months was when we hit a real nice little groove of the boys playing TOGETHER more & more. So you have that to look forward to!

  14. Ok, seriously, I die with these pictures. I thought I loved the first one the most but I truly love EVERY SINGLE ONE more and more!
    Also, I can't believe she is 17 months! I hate to say this, but she is looking like a fully blown toddler now and not a baby anymore. Such a gorgeous girl with so much personality and opinion but definitely a toddler now. Cue all the crying faces.
    I do love that she is the perfect mixture of girly girl and tom boy. She is just perfect!

  15. She looks so precious in her Bambi sweater, I love it!!! <3

  16. She is so stinking cute! She is at that fun age where you know she is starting understand everything and things begin to click. Don't forget, girls tend to start potty training before boys so you may not have much longer before she starts.

  17. That sweater- OMG- I love it!!


  18. her cutest and personality just leap from each photo. Happy 17 months J!

  19. 17 months?! Seriously? How is that possible. How is time moving that quickly?! She is such a beautiful little girl!