The Secret Santa Book Exchange Edition

My love of reading runs deep. If there was an extra hour in the day I'd have a really tough time deciding between more sleep and reading a good book. When Courtney, Elizabeth and Ashley announced their annual Secret Santa book exchange I couldn't hop on that train fast enough. 

Each night we read a few books to the kids, and while we're in no short supply between the kids' libraries, there's just something kind of magical about opening a brand. new. book. Is it the smell of the paper? The crispness of pages? What is it that makes a new book SO good?

Marcus, Julia and I were paired up with Stephanie and Connor. If you'd like to take a look at which books we selected for them hop on over to Wife Mommy Me and check it out!

When Marcus learned there was a package in the mail for him he was so ready to tear into it! I was equally as anxious for a couple of reasons: 1) who was our Secret Santa 2) which books were in the box?! 

When I discovered Meghan and Noah were our Secret Santa I was thrilled. Meghan amazes me on a constant basis with the fabulous arts and crafts projects she does with Noah. I want to take a personal day and allow Meghan to take the reigns in our house! 

Let's take a look a the goodies from Meghan and Noah!

The Wrapping
Right now is there anything more fun and cute than a red truck with a Christmas tree in the back? I think not. 
This wrapping paper is easily some of the best I've laid eyes on, and the cute tags that Meghan attached to each were such a sweet extra touch. These were almost too pretty to tear into. 

Marcus' Book
Press Here has been on my list to add to Marcus' library for some time, and I was so excited to see it was the book Meghan and Noah had selected!
The book is interactive and positively perfect for a 4-year old. We immediately read the book. And then read it again. And again. And again (seriously, we read the book four times in a row right after we opened it). Press Here has been in constant rotation since receiving it.

Julia's Book
I had to add this photo. For documentation's sake.
In Julia's defense, she had just woken from a nap (waking isn't something she does with ease, nor does she wake quickly), and she has yet to grasp the glorious concept of tearing into wrapped packages.
Sheep in a Jeep is honestly the cutest, most funny little book we've read in some time. I'm not sure Julia totally gets it, but it has a great little rhythm and it rhymes. We've read it every morning since unwrapping it!

My Book
I first read Jojo Moyes' Me Before You a couple of months ago, and I quickly found I love her writing. From the get go she drew me right into her story.
When I unwrapped After You I could not finish the book I was reading fast enough to start in on this one (I'm not one of those people who can read multiple books at a time). I'm not too terribly far into the book, but as I expected, Moyes has me up late at night to read, "Just one more page."

Not only did Meghan and Noah shower us with the perfect books, they were also so sweet and included holiday Pez for Marcus and Julia (which have been a smashing hit between the both of them!), as well as caramel filled Ghirardelli for me (which are already long gone).

Meghan and Noah, thank you so much for your generosity and perfect book selections!


  1. That little pout is oh so precious!

  2. I've been wanting to get Press Here for Cam, so now it's a must get. We love Sheep in a Jeep! I've read that one so many times I don't need the words. Ha ha! I love Me Before You and want to read After You! Another book for my list. :) I agree that the wrapping paper is amazing!

  3. She has perfected the pout. How will you ever be able to say no?!

    I have yet to read "After You". I have to pick it up asap!

  4. You are too sweet with your comments! I'm so glad you liked everything!!! That wrapping paper was definitely my favorite and I kind of regret not buying more! Julia's face cracks me up! Noah's the same way after first waking up! And I'm so glad you guys are having the same experience we had with Press Here. I was amazed how a simple book could be so interactive and exciting!!!

  5. You got some great things! I have not read Me Before You yet, can you believe that? :)

  6. Meghan rocked it, as expected! I love both the books that the kids received. Those are favorites at our house. And I haven't read the sequel to Before You either, so you'll have to let me know how you like it!

  7. HAHAHA Oh Julia. I love that sweet face. Boy is she going to be in for a treat when her brother wakes her up bright and early on Christmas morning for presents. I imagine the pictures will be epic. Almost as epic as Santa tonight LOL.
    I really need to add that Press Here book to Mason's list. It sounds so cute and perfect for him!
    Oh and that wrapping paper. ALL THE HEART EYES. I've been trying to find it ever since she told me she got it at Target but I think my Target's are all sold out!! Boo!

  8. I want that wrapping paper!! Meghan is so amazing. I love Moyes's writing too! I have yet to read this series of hers but the Ship of Brides and The Girl You Left Behind are wonderful. I always cry though so theres that.

  9. That wrapping paper is perfection. She did SO good too!

  10. Meghan did so good! I am obsessed with that wrapping paper and must know where she found it. Great books! Love the pouting Julia picture.

    1. hello, did you ever find out where Meghan got the wrapping paper from?

  11. We love Sheep in a Jeep! And I have a love hate for Press Here. Liam went through a phase ofobsession with that book and I just couldn't bare to read it anymore!

  12. I love Julia's pouty face! Haha! I can't wait to do this exchange next year! We just didn't have the money this time.

  13. Thank you for my books. We are already halfway through one of the chapter books and Connor loves it!