Picture Perfect Project {{2}} - A Closer Look

Month two of the the Picture Perfect Project is upon us!

Admitedly I had a tough time finding inspiration for this month. I had zero ideas or direction and was at a loss for quite some time.

A trip to the water was just what I needed to inspire me.

The coast and beach are gorgeous, but it's rare that we ever take a good, close look at what's surrounding us.

One warm, sunny afternoon I brought my mom and kids to the water and did a bit of exploring. I wanted to capture all the little things that often are overlooked.

The big picture looked like this. 

But upon further inspection...
Sand in scalloped formation, made by the tide that rushed out.

Tiny coral of all colors under the sun dotted the sand.

Tube coral was found forever cemented in sea sediment.

I had no idea what these tiny volcanic creations were. But they were securely planted in the sediment, and look like something found on a far away planet.

A star fish was half exposed, and clung fiercely to a rock.

An open anemone was covered in tiny shells, coral, sand, and sea glass.

After a little poke of the finger, the anemone closed up.

The wavy arms of a green anemone, wide open, full color on display, surrounded by the purple hues of other sea plants left me in awe and wonder.

But this... A dried out urchin, perched within the tentacles of an anemone... By far my favorite find of all.

But the absolute, most precious sight? When I looked up from all the sea life under my lens...
Grandma and Marcus enjoying the salty, sweet air. 

Linking up with some lovely ladies for the second edition of the Picture Perfect Project.


  1. What gorgeous photos! I am so jealous that you live so close to the beach.

  2. Wow! That is absolutely amazing. The things you caught in each picture is such a beautiful glimpse at the ocean's awesomeness (word or not i'm using it). :)

  3. Beautiful!! I love that you have this so close to you!

  4. So, so, so beautiful! I can't wait to see the ocean this summer!

  5. Amazing finds!!! But you're right, the last pic was the best discovery. :)

  6. So beautiful! I especially loved the green anemone waving his little arms :)

  7. P.S. I too, am a midwest girl at heart but live in Southern CA as well! :)

  8. I LOVE the beach, my favorite part about living in California, by far! Gorgeous shots of the tidepools!

  9. Seriously so beautiful!!! I mentioned it already, but I seriously need to take Mason to the tide pools. You'll have to show me the ropes sometime! Even though I live so close to the beach, we NEVER go and I always regret it!

  10. Okay, Okay.. I totally need some Disney in my life, like..yesterday. Oh, AND I need to live where you live. That is all.

  11. Your favorite is my favorite too. So fun to stop and explore the little things. You got some great shots!

  12. Oh love these!!! Now I am dreaming of the beach. And that last picture is precious beyond words.

  13. Those are gorgeous pictures! I never have explored tide pools before.

  14. Just perfect. We don't get those kinds of critters here. Love the green anemone the most. So fun to see out in the world.

  15. Wow- I am so jealous you have all this cool sea life! I am missing the ocean so much right now!