The Zoo x 2

Disclosure: picture heavy post ahead.

Before I throw a bombardment of photos down (because that's exactly what's about to happen), and there are 6 million pictures of a smiling little boy and his mommy, I must preface all this... There were a few points at each zoo visit where I would have gladly given Marcus to the monkeys, had the zookeepers allowed such a thing. Most of the time each visit was all good and fun, but there were a few epic tantrums. So is life with a two-year old I suppose.
While home I knew we *needed* to visit the Omaha Zoo, so it didn't even register as a blip on my radar to check out the KC Zoo. When Grandma and Grandpa Macke suggested it I figured, why not? I wasn't sure what to expect, as I'd never been to the KC Zoo - I mean, the Henry Doorly Zoo is a nationally renowned zoo, and only a stones throw from where I grew up - but the KC Zoo blew my expectations out of the water.

First stop - the polar bear exhibit.
Neither Marcus or I could take our eyes off this big guy who kept doing laps, using the glass to push himself off.
On to the aquarium where we were promptly greeted by some penguins. Marcus was fascinated.
To the carousel we headed for a few laps on our lion.
Then *this* happened.
Shortly after the camel ride is when the melt down began. We were nearing nap time and left shortly thereafter. We didn't even scratch the surface of the KC Zoo, and I'm eager to get back and do a little more exploring.

When we made our way up to Iowa for the last leg of our Midwest tour I wanted to make sure to hit up the Omaha Zoo, as well. Our first 20 minutes were pretty trying, and I was thisclose to just calling it a day. Thankfully, I mustered up the last bit of patience I could find. The tantrum subsided, the mood improved, and we had a successful trip. (Let's also mention that about six photos into this zoo trip my "good camera's" memory card was full, so 90% of the pictures taken were with our phones. Neat.) 

The aquarium was a zoo (see what I did there?), so we were in and out in minutes. Crowds aren't my thing, and since we go to the Long Beach Aquarium so often I figured we weren't missing too much.
As slow (and boring) as turtles are, Marcus was not happy when I made him keep moving along. There was an intense staring contest going on, and apparently I interrupted.
We checked out the giraffes, brushed goats (perhaps the highlight of the whole trip), got up close and personal with a peacock, and faced off with a lioness. 
There was a fossil dig that could have kept the little man busy for hours...
We fed the Koi...
Were gobbled up by a hungry hippo...
And took yet another carousel ride.
Though there were tantrums, full memory cards, and crowds, I suppose I wouldn't have had it any other way. There were some pretty special memories made, and an abundance of smiles, which voids out a meltdown any day of the week. 

For my KC friends... Did you know if you're a member of the Kansas City Zoo you get FREE or reduced admission to over 150 other zoos and aquariums (the Omaha Zoo being one)?!  Bargain!


  1. I live in Omaha, and my son LOVES the zoo too, the jungle, aquarium, gorilla house, petting zoo- he does however hate the butterfly pavilion and was unimpressed with the desert (he's 3 so he too throws epic meltdowns here and there, even when we are somewhere fun).

    I got down to Kansas City quite a bit, and it never even occurred to me to check it at or that they even had one. I will definitely put it on my "To do" list the next time I'm down there.

    Love all your pictures of your adorable little guy.

  2. Looks like such fun trips to the zoos -- I'm glad you made it threw the tantrums! We def had some when went to the zoo last week so I understand. That photo of Marcus in the hippo is adorable!

  3. Such fun trips! We are off the Omaha Zoo in a few weeks!

  4. Awesome!!! Which, in your opinion, is the better zoo? We've been to both but the Omaha one was the day after a really nasty wind storm went thru so quite a few exhibits were closed for clean up. And skipping the aquarium??? NEVER!!! My most fav part of the zoo! Thinking we'll hit up Shedd's Aq next month when we head to Chicago. LOVE aquariums! :)

  5. I haven't been to the KC Zoo in years. Most of my friends take their kids, and it looks nice.

  6. I think any trip with a toddler always includes meltdowns or at least it does with my two!
    We are taking the kids to the zoo on Saturday and I can't wait. Neither of them have ever been so I'm sure they will have a blast!
    Great photos. Looks like your little guy enjoyed it!

  7. The horse/dragon on the second carousal ride is intense! I've never seen anything like it! :) I so love zoo and aquariums so this is right up my alley; cutest pictures as always. Love the hippo the best!

  8. you probably know we love the kc zoo! the polar bear and penguins are faves here too. I love the omaha zoo too. it seems a lot bigger than the kc zoo!

  9. You are a saint, haha. I would have been, ok, time to go home!
    Glad you stayed because these are some great pictures even if your memory card was full!


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