Donut Day!

When my sister-in-law mentioned something about National Donut Day I admittedly didn't pay too much attention. I'm not much for donuts. But, when my sister-in-law spoke of free donuts, at different locations, and talks of a donut crawl, I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity. Plus, I had a sneaky suspicion a certain 2-year old that I knew would appreciate our sweet endeavors.
We had grand plans of hitting up four locations around Kansas City. Yes, you read correctly, FOUR. While we physically made it to four locations, we were only able to stop and grab donuts at three.
Picking out the donuts. So many to choose from!
Believe me when I say our stomachs and waistlines were likely very appreciative of the dropped location.
Krispy Kream was on the list, but due to interior renovations we decided to skip the drive through line as well as the free donut. 
Marcus' first donut (maybe ever??) started out like this:
I cut the donut in half and let the little man have at it.
This is what the donut looked like when Marcus was done with it:
Apparently the sprinkles and frosting were pretty good.

It was a family affair, everyone got in on the donut action.
A donut isn't a donut without a little frosting/crumb/powdered sugar on the face.
As mentioned, donuts aren't really my thing. BUT, when it comes to a glazed donut? Lord have mercy.
By the third and last stop we might have been a little donut-ed out. But, we champed through it.
What did *you* do for National Donut Day?
And, in case you need to mark your calendar, Donut Day next year lands on June 5, 2015.


  1. Love that he eats all the sprinkles off first. He's totally got it right. :)

  2. I would have a love affair with the Original Dunkin Donuts donut. Dunkin' Donuts is my favorite in general though for coffee and dounts. I don't think they have them in CA yet though!

  3. Sprinkles and frosting are totally the best part mom! I'm not a big donut person but it's fun to take the littles! I took Callie to a Lamar's in CO (SO YUMMY) and I should take her again soon! She's def got my sweet tooth!

  4. We hired new interns for the summer and I brought in 4 dozen donuts to welcome them last week. You better believe I had at least a half dozen by myself over a 3 day period! I even brought a few home from work for Ryan and Mac and then ate them myself. :) Oops.

  5. Marissa is with you, all she ever wants is a glazed donut or glazed twist. nothing more.

  6. YUM! there is a place here called glam donuts with all sorts of amazingness. or so I've read on their website menu. i haven't been there yet even tho its not far away at all! i really want to go. but like you said, my waistline appreciates that i haven't.

  7. I don't know how everyone is aware of all these national days of pretty much everything. I always learn about it after the fact! I don't like donuts either but if you give me a glazed donut I would stuff my face with them!

    This looks like a blast and I'm sure Marcus' belly was in his happy place :)

  8. What a cutie - I love that he ate the top :) And when did he turn into a little boy, holy guacamole!

  9. He looks so grown up in that last picture! That first donut picture looks a lot like Olivia's donuts.. Always eats the sprinkles and then leaves the rest of the donut!

  10. second to last pic, killing it!!!

    A donut crawl, what is wrong with me that I didn't think of that! Sh*t. Next year! Aria did the same with her donut...for vday I think. Just the sprinkles mama =)

  11. Gosh, Marcus just looks like a little man! Reminds me of Jaden too. He's going to be 4 on Sunday! I have 4 ticket vouchers to a Royals game that your dad gave us and I think Tyler and I are going to bring our good friends down in August to catch a game and hang out for the weekend. If you have any recommendations for what else we should do while we are down there I am certainly looking for suggestions. If there is anything including beer I'm sure the boys, and probably Emily and I, would enjoy that! ;) Hopefully I can come out for a visit again soon! I had so much fun the last time we were out there :)

  12. So next year, donut day is on our 4th wedding anniversary. I wonder if Cox would be okay with us spending the day doing a donut crawl... HAHA!


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