It's Raining, It's Pouring

While in Kansas we made grand plans of doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities. Then Mother Nature decided while we were in town would be a good week for rain.

There are only so many things you can do with the kiddos inside before everyone starts going a little stir crazy.

A few days into the rain we'd all had it. We threw in the proverbial towel, grabbed a few real towels, a few umbrellas, and headed outside.
After running Hospital Hill in the rain I gladly stayed under the cover of the garage, but the boys weren't too interested in any of that business.
It was pretty obvious the three boys were not deterred by the inclement weather in any way. They thoroughly enjoyed running up and down the sidewalk, with the likelihood of getting more wet than staying dry.
Eventually all umbrellas were lost and it was a rainy free for all.
So, after so much rain a quick lesson was learned... Give little boys an umbrella (or not) and let them simply enjoy splishing and splashing away.


  1. LOVE IT!! We do the same..of course we hardly ever get rain here...but the second it starts falling we run outside and dance like we are crazy. :) Love your pictures and how serious Marcus took the puddle jumping.

    Laura @ Mice in the kitchen

  2. So cute! I wish we could play in the rain. I feel like it's rained here for two months straight, but the rain is always accompanied by thunder and lightning.

  3. You are the coolest mom I know. You always remind me that kids are meant to be kids, let them have some fun getting messy, let them have fun taking their time, let them have fun being their sweet little selves. Thank you, Des!

  4. That is the best! Might as well let them run around in the rain, much better than making them stay inside and drive everybody insane =) Plus, so cute!

  5. It rained all week on vacation, and I gave up on staying dry. I let Meeghan play in the puddles because she was having too much fun. Kids playing in the rain is one of those great moments that you can't deny them.

  6. Love love love this! Boys just being boys. I loved playing in the rain when I was a kid too. You are one awesome mom to just let them have fun and not worry about the mess. Awesome.

  7. Kudos to you, mommy! I love when kids can just be kids and not worry about anything. FUN!!

  8. Love that you decided to enjoy the rain instead of let it damper your time! Such a cute post!

  9. what a cute idea! if it's humid and rainy, I'm sure that would be refreshing!


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