High Fives - The Kansas Edition

As the week ends so does our Kansas portion of the Macke Midwest tour. While it saddens me that we have to leave tomorrow we certainly have had a good share of fun.

With that said, let's get to this week's high fives.

1. Though the time spent together is never long enough, we were able to get the whole family together.
2. When the cousins get together anything goes, and the shenanigans and fun are endless.
3. There may have been an excessive amount of rain, but we made the most of every day. And, when it wasn't raining we made sure to swing by some of our favorite places - like, the park.
4. When the night skies weren't filled with rain and clouds there were some pretty spectacular Kansas sunsets. The evening sky was a canvas that exploded with the most stunning colors.
5. Our time in Kasnas City was everything we had hoped for and more. We're now looking forward to the Iowa leg of our Midwest tour.

Have a great weekend!


  1. P.S. You have some 'dead' blog buttons to your right. Just letting you know! Ha! ;)

  2. What a stunning sunset picture! Ahh so fun visiting family and getting everybody together. We are all so spread apart that that is hard to do. But, it is so nice when we get to see Aria's little cousins. I think the family needs to start popping out more babies so we can have crazy cousin reunions soon!

  3. woop woop!
    also you look SUPER young and teeny in your top picture!!!
    love that he gets to see his family and cousins. i wish our family got along better!

  4. That sunset picture is absolutely STUNNING! And yay for whole family gatherings!

  5. Mason LOVES climbing up the slide as well! At the park and at Gymboree, I have to encourage him to go down and not climb up lol. Boys!

  6. Fantastic Family Photo!!!!
    That sunset picture is stunning :)

  7. what a georgeous photo!! love that sunset. ahhh the Midwest! And Marcus has all boy cousins?! he must be in heaven!!! sounds like a fun week - safe travels to Iowa!

  8. That KS sunset is beautiful! How I miss my days in KC!!! And I miss you too! :)


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