Cute Girls, Hungry Goats, and Plenty of Giggles

Our Kansas "bucket list" this summer included a trip to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. We visited last summer while we were home, and it was a hit with Marcus. You can about imagine my excitement when it *finally* stopped raining and we were able to get out. What was even more exciting was that we were going to meet up with blogging buddy Vanessa, and her beyond adorable little lady, Arden.
Marcus, Cousin Clark, and Arden found their way to the pedal tractors...
The goats were a mandatory must...
A pit stop at the playground left the littles full of giggles and smiles...
I'm preeeetty sure the littles could have gone down those slides all.day.long.
There were several failed attempts at taking pictures with the cutouts in one of the gardens...
And, sprinkled throughout all the fun were a few attempted photo sessions...
I can only imagine what was going on between these two during this little shoot.
Of them all, this one is my favorite.
Vanessa and Arden, thank you so much for meeting up with us! We hope to see you for many more adventures together when we're home visiting!


  1. Love that place, love those goats and little Arden's dress is adorable. :)

  2. Oh man, the ones of Arden and Marcus holding hands down the slide...be still my heart, the cuteness! So fun that you and Vanessa got to meet up, I love her! But why do the flower cutouts have animal names? Is it a cow flower?

  3. Okay, it's official--I need to start bring my real camera places! These pictures are awesome (and so much better than my iPhone snap shots)! When I showed Arden the picture you put on instagram she said "down the slide?!" They kiddos really had a great time together and I'm so glad we got to finally meet! You guys were just as sweet as I'd expected :) Can't wait to do it again when you're back some time...or whenever you move back ;) Enjoy the rest of your time in Iowa!!!

  4. Ah how fun to meet a blogging buddy! The kids looked like they had a blast and I LOVE the picture of Marcus in the flower that says "cow" under it. His face is priceless!

  5. How awesome you guys got to meet up! That farm looks so much fun! I just love love the pictures of Marcus & Arden holding hands on the slide! Precious :)

  6. Looks so fun! I love the butterfly pic of Marcus!

  7. i love all the adventures your family has!

  8. I love all the adventures your going on with Marcus! What an awesome summer for you guys :)


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