The other night I was browsing through my photos when I came across a bunch that I had been meaning to get posted. But, amongst the hustle and bustle of visitors, vacation, Disneyland, and more, this fun day kind of slipped between the cracks. Whoops.

Some friends of mine had mentioned Kidspace, and what a fantastic venue it was for littles. While my bestie, Amy, her hubs, and her little lady, Lolo were visiting I figured there wasn't a better time to check out Kidspace than with them.

To Pasadena we went!
This place was SO cool! It's essentially an outdoor, hands on science center that is perfect for almost *any* age. If it hadn't been a million and two degrees outside we probably would have spent more time checking it all out. We barely nicked the surface of what the place had to offer, and we still had a blast.

We played in the physics garden.
We flexed our Picasso muscles and painted.
We pretended to be paleontologists. 
There was a brief off-roading moment. 
We found great delight in the water table.
We held a toddler tricycle derby. 
We made music by hitting drums with streams of water (so cool!).
We loved splashing and getting soaked in the waterfall which led to a river, which we could walk through. It was the perfect spot to cool off after a long and fun afternoon of playing.
And, we will be going back!
P.S. Don't you just love the looks on the kiddos faces? Lolo is mean mugging Marcus, and Marcus is still trying to perfect his "cheese" smile. 
Bonus points for Kidspace being located directly across the street from the Rose Bowl.


  1. love this!!! looks like so much fun!! I espically love the outdoor painting - genius!

  2. Cool cool cool!!! Love this!

  3. What a fun place! I wish there was something like that around here.

  4. how fun does that place look!


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