Thoughts Per Mile

This last weekend was glorious. Not because of all the things we did. Rather, it was because of what we didn't do. This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing. Relaxed, did a little shopping, enjoyed each other, and NAPPED!

I forgot what it was like before Marcus... Weekends were often dotted with lazy afternoons and dozing on and off throughout the day. Glorious stuff I tell you.

For the first time in ages Scott and I napped while Marcus did. BOTH TIMES. It.Was.Awesome.

We weren't totally lazy. Scott ran the Baker to Vegas run Saturday (which was why he was so spent on Sunday), and I got around to running my 9-miler Sunday after all the beautiful sleep.
Only two more weeks until the half. EEK!!
I'm still trying to decide if I enjoy the running and workouts more than crossing off each day with a specific colored Sharpie... :) 
Lauren did a post on her thoughts while she ran a half marathon, and I couldn't resist paying extra attention to my incredibly random thoughts as I pounded out the miles.

400 feet into my run - I'm not really feeling this run. Maybe I should have put it off until tomorrow. I think I need to pee... I should have left my water bottle at home. I don't want to carry this for 9 miles.

Mile 1 - Who keeps honking at me?! ...Wait, I think that's the song on Pandora. Whoops.
I still think I need to pee. I still hate carrying this water bottle.

Mile 2 - Why do I choose routes with all these hills?!

Mile 3 - I take back the hill complaints. This flat part of the route is zero fun. I'd rather run hills.

Mile 4 - I still think I need to pee...
Is that a pebble in my shoe?! UGH! I can't stop now, that pebble is going to have to wait.

Mile 4.5 - Half way point, turn this puppy around and start heading home. Hallelujah!

Mile 5 - I'm pretty sure that man was smoking a joint at that house I just passed. I am in California... When in Rome, I suppose.

Mile 6 - Hey, I have some of that runners gel. Maybe I'll give it a try.
Oh my gosh, it has the consistency of a lugee. (Not that I know what a lugee is like. I don't know how to "do" those.) And tastes like tanning lotion smells. *Chuck remainder of gel.* Gross.

Mile 7 - These hills are much better while going down them.
Still hate this water bottle. Invest in one of those water belt thing-ys, as soon as possible.

Mile 8 - Almost there. One.More.Mile. All.Up.Hill.

Mile 9 - Done! What a minute, I'm still a half mile from home. I ran out too far and miss calculated. Whomp whomp.
On the upside, my miles per minute is better than I was hoping. YAY!
...Yep, most certainly have to pee.
For not "feeling" my run I wasn't mad at my pace. Might have wished for 9/miles, but this will do.
Moral of my thoughts: Just get out and run it, pee before you go, invest in a water belt (or whatever they're called), skip the running gel, hills are good for running down, and don't mind (or inhale too deeply around) the pot smokers along your route.
Boston will certainly be on my mind during this weekend's 10-miler.

Calling all runners, what flows through your mind while you're getting you miles in?


  1. I'm not a runner so I can't give you any help in that department. However, I loved reading your thoughts during your run and loving the new picture at the top!

  2. naps are amazing! Love naps! I love the recap for each mile I can only imagine being able to do that one day! YOu go girl cant wait for the next two weeks to pass eeek!

  3. Love it! I have the same thoughts about peeing and my water bottle...seems that any small level of discomfort can lead me to believe I should quit or shouldn't have started until I settle into it :)

  4. all i ever think about is the rocks that end up in my shoe. every damn time. then when i get home, there is nothing there. like wtf?! phantom show rocks?!

  5. HA crack me up! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like stopping after the first 400 feet! Great job!

  6. I need to start doing this. I just tend to forget all that goes on in my head by the time I'm done!

    and your pace ROCKED! You are going to smoke that half....not unlike that joint mentioned above, LOL:)

  7. Oh lord, I think about everything! Work, Drew, what to blog about, what I'm doing that coming weekend! Love your commentary though.... quite funny Des. :)

  8. So funny!! I love that someone else has these same crazy thoughts as they run! Oh...and yes..that runners gel is so gross. I tried some during a run and almost gagged!!


  9. I loved this post - do more of them :) I love reading what runners think of during their runs - it's hilarious :) Good luck this weekend!!

  10. Ahhh napping when the baby naps, YES! I did that today actually. ;)

  11. This was fun! Have you tried any of the sports beans?

  12. I love it!!! I have those thoughts all the time and I am working on posting my half marathon post!!! It was a doozy!!! I have a water belt and it's ok...I didn't wear on my half...they had water stations every two miles and that was plenty for me! I love the sports beans...never tried that gel, but I don't think I want to!! Happy 10 miles!!! :)

  13. I prefer Chomps over the gel packets! They taste like fruit snacks.

  14. Way to go! I was training for a half marathon, but I've strained my LCL two months ago, and it still hasn't recovered...I'm now wondering if it's still a "strain."


  15. Good Lord I wish I had your dedication. Those are about all my thoughts, but crammed into one mile. Good work lady!

  16. I am the furthest thing from a runner but I still loved this post, especially your thoughts while running.
    And I wish I had a pretty chart with sharpie markings! Maybe I will do a couch potato chart! ;)

  17. 9 miles is amazing!! And I absolutely love those shoes!!


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