Go Get Entered!

Finally, the weekend! Was last week not the longest.week.ever? Holy smokes it was never ending. Maybe it's just me...
The little man has a few new teeth coming in (does teething ever end?!). The past few nights have been rough; we've been up several times each night. Ugh. How did we survive the first few months of his life (all those night feedings!)? Yikes.

On to the good stuff.
A few giveaways you need to know about.
Don't forget to enter for the custom infant/toddler/children's jacket. The winner will randomly be selected and announced this coming Monday morning (April 8).
For all the giveaway details, rules, and regulations, visit {this post}.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't miss out on this fabulous giveaway going on right now over at Our Journey.

I can't decide which I love more, the gold or aqua pair. 
My good friend Sarah is graciously giving one winner a pair of gorgeous Stella and Dot earrings. Kind of obsessed with S&D right now, and I really, really want to win. But, I wanted to share the love and opportunity with you.
Head over and say hi to Sarah Click on {this link}, to get yourself entered!
P.S. Be sure to browse around Sarah's blog and check out her adorable little man, Drew. I hope someday our little boys will become good buddies. :)

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!


  1. oh my GOSH! those jackets are the cutest!! love them.

  2. Oh you KNOW they will. :) We always talk about how we can't wait til we're all back in KC together!


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