How You Know You're Not Ready

Our family is expanding!

Time out. Before your thoughts go in the wrong direction, let me clarify a few things...

The past few weekends we (I) have spent much time at our local animal shelter. After we said goodbye to our sweet Seala I knew our home would not be complete without a feline companion. With so many animals in need of a good home I knew our only option was the shelter. I have my selections narrowed to a few sweet little fur balls, but there is one in particular that is not available for adoption until this Sunday.

Seriously adorable. Right?! 

Being a female kitten I just know she won't stick around the shelter for very long. So, while I'm out running 13.1 miles I'm sending Scott to the shelter. 

As for human babies, we do want more. Eventually. There's been talk of adding one more, maybe, possibly two more. We'll see. 

Well, a few weeks back I had been feeling light-headed, had bouts of nauseousness, and in general felt off. I couldn't put my finger on it. A little voice in the back of my mind whispered "this is how you felt during your first trimester with Marcus." Stop the bus. What? 

Two nights ago I decided to see if that little voice held any truth. 

I have no patience (anyone who knows me know this), so I sat there looking at the pregnancy test. Who has time to wait TWO WHOLE MINUTES?! Then I saw the lines. A huge pit immediately lodged itself in my stomach. I was rendered speechless (again, if you know me at all, this never happens). My mind was racing. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod...

Finally I whispered, "Scott..." and help up the test.

"Shut up. No you're not. Stop kidding."
"I'm not."

Scott bee-lined over to me and looked at the test. 
"You're not."
"I'm not?"
"You're not. You read it wrong."

Insert the largest collective sigh of relief ever in human history. 
THAT, my friends, is how I know we're not quite ready for Number Two. At least not right now. :) 


  1. Ha...so funny! I know how you feel. When I found out I was pregnant with Sarah (our 4th) Tim was scheduled for the "visit" at the doctors that would end all that kind of stuff less then 2 weeks away. I called him at his work crying telling him how sorry I was...I never even told him we were expecting. Once we got over the initial shock of being the family with FOUR kids...we love them each so much!



  2. Oh hilarious! Been There. Done That.

    Preshy little kitty!!!! You guys will make the best forever home for her!

  3. Awww, cute kitty :-)

    And seriously, same thing happened to be kind of. After we decided we were done with two I had a birth control scare and thought maybe I was pregnant. The fact that I pretty much saw my life flash before my eyes while I was waiting for the pregnancy test confirmed that yes, I'm really done!:-P

  4. The kitten is so cute!!

    I had a little "scare" a week or so ago too. I thought I wasn't ready either, but when I started thinking I might be pregnant, I thought, well maybe I am ready. Thats when we started talking about baby #2 and when we thought the time would be right. Jake just isn't ready yet. So we determined 6 more months was a good time to wait and we'd maybe start trying then. :-)

  5. Bahahahaha! I had a 'scare' last week too and was like hellllllls nah. Not before Vegas anyway!! And YEAH for you for only adopting instead of supporting breeders! That little kitty is adorable!

  6. That kitty is SOOOO cute!

    You jsut scared the bajeezus out of me! I was like omg!?!? wait what? oh...lol Yay for kitties and no more babies.. for now :)

  7. Haha! When I found out I was pregnant with Mav the second line was so light I didn't see it... But, I called my husband in the bathroom because I was going to play a joke on him... When he got there I looked and sure enough there really was a faint light line!!

    Do you have a name picked out for that cute little kitty?

  8. Ha ha love this post! What a cute Kitty too!

  9. awww... the kitten is majorly adorable!!!
    I love baby animals... that's how i ended up with 4 dogs and a cat!
    As for people babies... they are cute, too. When you are ready ;)

  10. So funny how we were talking about this yesterday :) Good to know that youre not ready :) And I want a kitten soooo bad - the deal is I get one when I hit the 50 pound mark :) Woot WooT!

  11. I had a scare a month ago, and I was so relieved when I saw negative result. That is how I know I am not ready for #3. (I am pretty sure I am done at 2.)

    The kitten is adorable!

  12. I love how you put this post! And the kitten...SOOOOO CUTTEEEE!!!

  13. OMG! You had me going for a sec there! #2 will come along when it's meant to be....which is not now for you obviously. :)

  14. The little fur-ball is just too adorable. We've been talking about adding another kitty after losing Stinky this winter too.

  15. My husband and I actually had a similar experience. I was very, very late and felt nauseous too, but I wasn't pregnant.

  16. You are too funny. I will have to tell you how I found out that I was pregnant with Brady... I will email it to ya!

  17. Hahaha! So funny! I can't wait to hear about your half and sweet kitty!

  18. HA HILARIOUS!!! This is totally something I would do :)


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