13 Months Old!

This is the best picture I could get. Sitting still is not a high priority of his.
After Marcus turned a year I wasn't sure if I would continue to do monthly updates. As the 13 month marker approached I realized there is still so much Little Man is discovering, so many new things are still taking place. I couldn't quit the updates!

Unofficial stats
Height: 34ish inches
Weight: 26ish pounds
Teeth: 14, with two more expected to cut through any day
He is such a little turkey. Never sitting still and never a dull moment.
I apologize for the blur of some pictures, but that's what happens when a tornado is personified.
Marcus loves to be outside. If it isn't too cool or rainy we spend most of our days outdoors.
We have a social butterfly on our hands. If there is a crowd Marcus wants to be in it.
Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, cheese sticks, peas, apples, and bananas are favorite foods.
Favorite toys: anything that makes noise.
Kisses are a little more rare these days, but when they happen they are intentional.
Little Man can be so stubborn. I hope this is just a phase.
Two-a-day naps still happen, but we are slowly transitioning to one nap a day.
Marcus' vocabulary is pretty limited. "Mama and Da-da" are about it. And, most days I wonder if he knows what even those mean.
If there is a puddle, pool, or tub with water Marcus wants in, regardless if he is wearing clothes or not.
Bubbles and peak-a-boo are SO MUCH FUN!

We are discovering new things every day. It's amazing how wonderful the world is through a little one's eyes.


  1. WOAH! Tall boy! Drew was only about 31.5 inches or so at 13 months! Love his cute little red nose! :)

  2. a growing boy! and handsome as ever!

  3. I blogged every month till they are 2 then randomly afterwards. Look to see the updates!

  4. I blogged every month till they are 2 then randomly afterwards. Look to see the updates!

  5. happy 13 months big guy! He's officially bigger than Brielle now :-)

  6. So cute! And yeah, the monthly photos definately get harder the second year :)

  7. Too cute!!! Love the updates on little Marcus! I just wanna squeeze his cheeks!!! :)

  8. HE is just too cute! Has he ever seen snow yet??

  9. Olivia only has 5 teeth! haha What a handsome boy! I wish we lived close so Olivia and Marcus could play. They seem to both be a little ornery!

  10. Oh my goodness that hair and that face! he is beyond adorable and I think he knows it!!!! Happy 13 months to that adorable boy!!

  11. i just love his blonde self! cant wait to do these updates!

  12. What a sweet little man and I think he looks like you :) I love these updates, makes my ovaries ache though :) In a good way!

  13. how fun and nice that he is so social!

  14. He is one handsome boy! Glad you decided to continue the updates :)

  15. I can't get over how big he is. Henry is barely 26 pounds and will be 2 in just a couple of months!

  16. He is so cute! I miss that stage. I think my favorite age is between 12 and 18 months. So much fun at that age.

  17. so cute, so adorable!


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  19. He is so adorable. He's a big boy. Jackson went for his 18 month check up yesterday and he weighed 27 lbs. 14 ozs. and was 34 1/4 inches tall.

  20. He's so tall! Mace is so short and chubby!

    Can't wait to get these two together soon!!!

  21. couldn't agree more..it is so much fun seeing them discover the big world!! O and Marcus have a lot in common!! Pics are soo hard to get these days!! Love the ones you got though!


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