Bye Bye Bottle

Four weeks ago we pulled the plug on the b-o-t-t-l-e. Marcus had gotten to the point where he was a real pain about the bottle. Often, he'd have the bottle hanging from his mouth, not drinking it, not even sucking like a pacifier. It was just THERE. And, I was just OVER IT.

Two days before his birthday we switched to sippy cups only. The first two days were rough; mornings and evenings in particular. I'd say the first 24 hours were the worst. The bottle was a soother for Marcus, and when we didn't have other (known) options to calm Marcus it was tough for all of us. But, I wasn't buckling. My kid wasn't about to be running around with a bottle hanging from his mouth for no good reason.

After two days Marcus seemed to have forgotten about the bottle altogether. We've been bottle-free ever since. Praise Jesus.
(While I know this isn't earth shattering, blog-worthy news, it's here more for documentation for Marcus, as well as me. Someday I hope Marcus sits down and read all of this amazing craziness.)
In other news, Marcus is transitioning from two naps a day down to one. I am not at all a fan of this. At all. This momma appreciates the down time, quiet time, get-stuff-done-around-the-house time that two naps offer. Every other day, or so, Marcus will totally skip out on one of his naps. It's a brutal 30 minutes for both of us. He just stands there screaming in his crib while I wonder the entire time if he's ever going to just fall asleep.

Transitioning to one nap a day wouldn't be so brutal if that solo nap lasted for longer than an hour. A two hour nap would be glorious. Marcus doesn't seem to realize this. Yet.

Let's hope potty training goes more along the lines of losing the bottle, and less like the nap transition.
Why can't we be this happy after every sleep?! 


  1. Ha! Are you already thinking of potty training? We are soooo not there yet with Drew. :) Yeah for how easy the bottle transition was and I hope he gives you a few four hour naps now that he's down to one! A lot of kids Drew's age stop napping all-together and I'm NOT ready for that. He's still at 1.5-2 hours a day!

  2. Jackson was pretty easy to break from the bottle. Way easier than I thought he would be. As for naps, hes down to 1 nap a day and they generally last around 2 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more. However, Tuesday, my mom said he decided not to take a nap at all. :-( He's definitely not old enough or ready to cut naps altogether, so hopefully that was just a one time deal. I've read of kids potty training at 18 months (Jackson will be 18 months tomorrow). I can honestly say, Jackson is nowhere near potty training time yet. He doesn't even say pee pee or potty, let alone know when he needs to go. I doubt I'll even start trying or bring it up until he's at least 2 and even then, I'm not expecting a whole lot. :-)

    1. I'm so glad Marcus was easy to break from the bottle. I hope the naps get easier. :-)

  3. That's awesome that he broke from the bottle pretty easily! Hopefully the whole nap thing goes smoothly! Mav takes 2-3 a day and I still have trouble getting everything done. I can't imagine when he's down to 1 (or even worse not taking naps)!

  4. I love the picture of him waking up. So funny! Good for you on the bottle you did great! I know how hard that is to do when they are crying or crabby or just throwing that fit that makes you want to give in...I have been so guilty of just giving in. Oh and I feel you for naps. When our kids grew out of them I cried a little..then I invented "quite time" where they had to stay in their rooms for a while and nap...play...whatever. It gave them time to chill out and gave me time to collect my sanity. :)


  5. I stressed about Zoey going off of the bottle, but somehow it was a lot easier than I expected. She's still on 2 naps per day, although I thought about 2 months ago she was weaning. Thankfully she didn't! I need those 2 naps! ;)

  6. Brielle switched to one nap around a year old as well. It took a few days to get on a schedule, but honestly going to one nap is actually pretty awesome. No more planning your day around needing to get in two naps. Especially as the weather gets nicer and stuff it's nice to be able to be gone all morning, have a picnic lunch or something, and then come home for one good nap :-) Hopefully he figures something out soon!

  7. YEAH to no bottles! Isn't is amazing how much more counter space you have now! Gesh, bottles take up way too much space

  8. I loved when my kids went down to one nap. I know, I am probably weird, but I would get between a 2 1/2 - 4 hour nap each day. Glorious!!

    Now, I have one kid nap free, and will probably have two kids nap free in a few months. That is going to stink!!!

    Good job with the bottle too. It is so much easier to do it when they are really young. We always got rid of them right after their first birthday too!

  9. Awww your baby boy is growing up!!!!
    Congrats on graduating from the bottle... Marcus, not you!! You can stick with the bottle (of wine!)
    I still take 2 naps a day, what gives!? ;)

  10. We had the WORST time getting the bottle away from Emma. It was partly my fault though because she would cry for it and I would give in and give it to her. It was bad. But then one day I realized I couldn't give in, and just stopped. lol

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  12. I am glad stopping the bottle went smoothly for you! Yes, the transition to one nap sucks. Mine won't even take a nap some days. I wanted to cry the day she started going without a nap.

  13. yeah for the bottles, :( for the one nap!! that would be a rough change!

  14. i never understood the nap thing but maybe i will when baby boy is born
    congrats on weening him off the bottle


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