A Very Unwelcome Dinner Guest

An evening of dinner outside on our patio was rudely interrupted by an extremely unwelcome dinner guest.
Hanging from our grill was a spider that very much resembled this nasty bugger. Naturally, suffering from severe arachnophobia I didn't do much but instantly froze in terror, and got the heebee geebees. At first I told Scott I thought it was a Black Widow. With a bit more frozen-in-terror staring at the thing, I'm more convinced, now, it was a Brown Widow.

Of course neither Scott, nor I, was fast enough, or had the right tools to smash the thing into oblivion... So, it's still lurking somewhere outside. On our patio. Near our back door. Which opens to our living room. Which, thinking about where it is, or where it could be is making the hair on my neck raise. 

Side note: Brown Widow spiders are about two times more venomous than Black Widows, but they only inject about half as much venom. Phew, now I can sleep at night.

Photo Source: Wikipedia 

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