Surfs Up!

Scott surprised me by booking surf lessons for this weekend.

There was a quick orientation on the beach, and then into the ocean we went. It's a safe estimate that we each were able to get up on the board and ride out the waves 10 times (keep in mind, we were at this for almost two hours).
Due to the fact that both of us were having a blast, we didn't get any photos of us actually surfing, but I assure you, there were a few "ride the wave" moments for each of us.
Here are a few things I learned during our lesson:
- I respected the ocean before, but that respect has grown stronger thanks being owned by more than a few large waves.
- Surfers must have the strongest arms ever; my arms are going to be sore for the next week!
- There are some ser-i-ous surfers out there, do NOT get in their way.
- Wet suits are amazing, and a must for the ocean!
- Not a good idea to shave the legs the evening before jumping into salty water (you'd think I'd learn this lesson by now).
- You can ingest a rather impressive amount of salt water through the mouth and nose, and not need resuscitation from the lifeguards!
- Talk about addicting - one Saturday morning on a surf board and I'm/we're hooked!

What a blast!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! How fun! Were you scared of sharks though? I think that would prevent me from surfing. What a great gift by Scott!

  2. The thought of sharks did cross my mind. A client of mine informed me, the day before we went surfing, that Malibu has a terrific amount of baby Great Whites. That was a little freaky, but the idea of surfing was too much fun to pass up!


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