The Guys Trip

While I was sipping wine and checking out the comedy scene on Sunset, Scott and three of his friends decided to play mountain men.

The four guys left SUPER early Friday morning and headed for Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Mountains to camp.

When I think camping I think RV, or at least a nice big tent. I picture a cooler full of food that will sustain a person for the duration of their trip. For these guys, not so much...
They slept in sleeping bags, on the hard ground... And that's it. They ate MREs (made ready to eat), collected water from the river and purified it themselves; there was an attempt to fish, and an attempt to cross a river with terrifically strong currents.
They had to find wood to start fires the old fashioned way - no lighters here. There was a trip into an old mine shaft, and leisure time spent on the riverbed. 
It appears the guys had a great time. And, should Scott ask me to join on any camping trips I think we'll need to discuss each of our definitions of camping.


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