Fireworks on the Fourth

For the past two years Scott and I have always procrastinated on where we're going to watch fireworks. This year I think we lucked out, in a major way!

My parents, Catalina, Scott and I were fortunate enough to secure a spot on the boat we took out to whale watch. We managed to get front row seats, literally, to one of the best fireworks shows I think any of us has even seen.

Looking at Long Beach from the boat.
My parents, and Catalina.
Without my awesome parents, this holiday weekend wouldn't have had nearly as much excitement or entertainment! LOVE THEM!!
Spending the 4th with one very special little girl.
Love him :)
Fireworks never look as good in photos.
We were able to capture a few photos of the awesome show.
Next year it sounds like Scott and I will be going back to Long Beach, and hopefully we'll get on the same boat to see the display.
On our way back to the dock, the Queen Mary, all lit up. 
We were on the Queen Mary last year to watch the fireworks. 

Looking for something different for the 4th next year? Consider L.A./Long Beach :)

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