All Dogs Go to Heaven

They're part of the family. And, when you finally have to send them to Doggy Heaven it's never easy.

When it was time to let her out, or feed her, she was Tyler's dog. Truth be told, she was the family's dog. She was the sweetest Lab/Setter mix.

Sunnie, I'm going to miss you greeting me when I come home. I'm going to miss you begging for treats incessantly. I'm going to miss you pacing to go outside every 10 minutes, and then pawing at the door seconds after you've been let out. I'm going to miss you begging to go on car rides (and sneaking away to McDonald's to get an ice cream cone). I'm even going to miss you barking like crazy when you  spotted a squirrel, rabbit, or the neighbors dog. I'm going to miss you snuggling in bed. I'm going to miss your unfaltering, unconditional love.
April 1, 1998-July 29, 2011
Sun, we're all going to miss you.


  1. Well said, Desiree'. We've received numerous FB comments, some phone calls, and people just stopping to tell us how sorry they are about losing Sunnie. She was such a special dog to not only us, but to a lot of the neighborhood as well. She'll be missed by many. Thanks for posting this blog about her.
    MOM & DAD

  2. SAD Desiree! So sorry to hear about your family dog. She looked like such a sweetheart and I'm sure she's happy on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


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