November 7

I've been waiting for today since about November 19, 2010 (which was the day I had two plates and 12 screws placed in my right forearm to place my radius and ulna bones back together). I met with my orthopedic surgeon today to set a date to have the plate and six screws removed from my ulna.

Looking at the photo, the bottom plate is the one that will be removed in a few months.

Monday, November 7 can't get here fast enough!!

The plate that helped get my ulna back together doesn't have much shielding it. There's skin, plate, bone. Each time I bump that part of my arm on ANYTHING pain shoots up my arm instantly. It's time for that plate to come out! 

As much as I'm not looking forward to another surgery, or dealing with insurance regarding the surgery, it is time to say adios to this pesky plate!

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