The Art of Patience

It's no secret. Patience is a virtue I struggle to posses. Let's be honest, I'm totally lacking any inkling of patience. Taking a look at the next few months, and all that we have lined up, it's going to be hard to wait...

This weekend Scott's going on a camping trip. No thank you. My idea of camping is a shoddy hotel. That's enough roughing it for me. So, while he's off building fires, I'm headed to Six Flags with a girlfriend to enjoy some self-induced adrenaline.

August will send Scott and the guys on his side of the family packing to the East Coast to catch a Red Sox v. Yankees game. And, I will land in South Dakota where I'll get to spend a long weekend with my lifelong best friend. We'll do a lot of coffee and wine sipping (heaven).

September is our birthday month. We're seriously considering traveling north and stopping in San Fransisco and Napa Valley.

October will bring three of my closest girlfriends and I together, as we are going to make an attempt to relive our college years in Vegas.

Ahhh, there's so much to wait for! The only thing that will get me to each event/trip/activity is a countdown. So, let the countdowns begin!

4 days till Six Flags!
37 days till Sioux Falls!
2 months(ish) till San Fran and Napa!
3 months(ish) till Vegas!

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