Week 33

Week 33!
The days are quickly slipping away.

Size of Baby // My Pregnancy says M² is about the size of a pineapple - just over 4 pounds and is passed 17 inches long.

Cravings // It's been too hot for me to really crave anything. I can't turn down some juicy watermelon, and I sure as heck won't say no to an ice cream run... 

Symptoms // I think I see the slightest beginnings of the linea nigra. 

Movement //  I can literally see feet and elbows moving across my stomach these days. It's crazy. M²'s movements are so pronounced and strong sometimes they are downright painful.

Miss Anything // I really miss my regular summer clothes. My belly is already dangerously close to being too big for some of my maternity tops, and my pickings for the rest of my summer wear are pretty slim. 
I'm also getting to the point where I'm just plain old uncomfortable. I miss moving about with ease. 

Sleep // Marcus and I have been keeping our days pretty action packed, so we're both getting some much needed sleep. There have even been a few nights where neither of us has had midnight wake ups.

Clothing // As mentioned above... Some of my maternity tops are already getting too small for this ever growing belly. And, I have about three workout tops that adequately cover my stomach. With only 7 weeks to go I'm not about to spend money on any more clothes. If you see me in the same four outfits from here on out you know why.  

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… // 
1. I had an appointment Monday to check in on M². She's still head down >hallelujah<, and my doctor and I discussed delivery plans. It's crazy to think we're already to this point.

2. Marcus and I have been steadily checking off items from our Summer Bucket List:
I bring him to see the show. I go for the popcorn and air conditioning. 
Story and music time.
The boys were far more interested in the stories than with the music and dancing. 
Arts and crafts to coordinate with the stories read.
A little play time after the stories and crafts to burn some steam.
I hope this kid understands how lucky he is to have such an amazing 'backyard.' 
We waited an absurd amount of time (1 hour) for a 5 minute train ride. Marcus was a champ and waited so patiently. He also thought riding the rails was pretty cool on those tiny little trains. With free admission I can't really complain. We'll call it a win, and check it off the list! 
Ice Cream Dates!
We are only six days into summer and we've already managed two ice cream trips. I highly doubt those will be the only two of the summer. 
I have a few fun things planned for next week, and I can't wait to get out and explore with my little man.
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh growing out of clothes... so fun, not! Looks like a great week!

  2. Keep 'em busy and wear 'em out :) I love the anchor shirt and it would be perfect for my son's birthday party. Can I ask where it's from?

    1. Busy days make for solid nights of sleep!
      The shirt is Gymboree! :)

  3. Awesome! You guys are so busy! So much fun stuff to do and see. I'm so glad you are getting in some quality one-on-one time with Marcus before baby girl arrives. It's so good for him.

  4. I remember wearing Eric's shirts at the end because none of mine would fit over my belly. I gave up on looking good, and went to finding whatever fit. All your talk about ice cream is making me crave some. I may have to take the girls out tonight. :)

  5. You look so great! Wow, discussing delivery already! Yikes! And yay!!! That part always makes my heart skip a tiny beat and a little butterly in my tummy! :) I don't get nervous about labor and delivery, just excited for the excitement of it. So fun!!! I have a friend due here July 13th, then it's your turn! Can't wait!

  6. In N Out milkshakes!! Cold stone!! Wahh I'm jealous!

    You look fabulous. Getting so close!

  7. Girl, you look amazing!! I wish we could do ice cream runs together! Yummmm.
    I can't believe you're just now getting the linea nigra?! I would have thought you were past the stage of it developing... I had it with Mia and didn't love it (I don't know why?) and I'm starting to see faint signs of it again, ha!

  8. You look great! Glad you're enjoying your summer, hope you can relax these next few weeks!

  9. Your days sound so fun! Your posts always tempt me to quit my job and move to CA! I hear you on the pregnancy clothes- I don't have a huge maternity wardrobe so I feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over :)


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