Week 32

Week 32.
Only SIXTY DAYS (give or take a few) to go!

Size of Baby // My Pregnancy says M² is about 16.7 inches long and approximately 3.75 pounds, or the size of a large jicama (what the hell is a jicama?!).

Cravings // In 48 hours Marcus and I polished off a very large watermelon. So, there's that... I'd be lying if I said ice cream shakes don't sound pretty fabulous right about now, too. 

Symptoms // Nothing new this week: A few leg cramps. The inability to bend over easily. Ridiculous amounts of grunting getting up from the seated or lying position. All the peeing all the time. The usual. 

Movement //  I'd love if M² would remove her foot from my right ribs. She seems to take great delight in giving serious kicks to that general area.

Miss Anything // I'm generally a person who is always cold. I actually kind of miss that. It'd be great if I didn't feel like I was boiling from the inside out. Holy Moses, I'm always so hot. 

Sleep // It's been pretty decent this week. Up a few times to pee, but it's not like that's going away in the next two months. And I don't really anticipate getting great sleep once M² actually arrives, so I'll just take what I can get right now. Thankfully, Marcus has been sleeping much better, so that helps tremendously. 

Clothing // All the things maternity. Each afternoon we go swimming. I've taken to pretty much just living in my maternity swim suit after lunch. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… // 
1. Last week Scott had an afternoon off so we went bowling as a family. Marcus picked a bowling alley we'd never been to and we all agreed it was pretty awesome. We had the best little family date and I didn't want the afternoon to end. 
Black lights make for some pretty janky selfies.
2. I made a Summer Bucket List and we've taken seriously to checking some pretty cool things off of it already. 
3. Father's Day we don't have much planned. But, I look forward to quality time spent with both my guys. 
Have a great weekend!


  1. 60 days! Omg! So exciting, you look great!

  2. So cute :) So excited for you! I feel like it's flying by!

  3. Can't believe how close you are getting!!! And I love that you go swimming every day that sounds devine! Especially when pregnant!

  4. Wow, 60 days!?! That will go so fast! Swimming every day, so jealous!

  5. You look SO great, Desiree!! The countdown is on! The other day Arden told Nash "Mommy can touch her toes because you're not in her tummy anymore"...so I felt your pain in that area ;) Have a great weekend with your guys!! XO

  6. You look so great! Bowling looks like so much fun!

  7. So fun Scott had the afternoon off and you could have a family date! The balk lights might have made for some bad selfie light but it looks like you guys had fun none the less!
    YAY for T minus 60 days until M2 is here!

  8. How fun!!
    And you look fabulous!!

  9. I can't believe you are down to 60 days! That is crazy. I need to make a summer bucket list. You guys always have fun adventures during the summer.


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