New Specs

Along with a growing belly, a ravenous appetite, and hormones that are generally out of whack, pregnancy also seems to have done a little ditty on my eye sight (I think my feet may have grown a little, too. Fun times.).

While I love the glasses I've been sporting for the last year, I didn't really love the hefty price tag that accompanied said glasses. I also didn't love that those expensive glasses have obtained a few scratches on the lenses that have become so annoying to try and see past. 
The old glasses
So, for some time I was on the hunt for new glasses. I never quite pulled the trigger in buying new specs because I just know my eyes will likely change a bit after this pregnancy is all said and done. And I'll have to buy another pair. But, the obvious need for new glasses now - and the fact that my eyesight is ridiculously bad - wasn't going away.

Cue Firmoo

I had heard of the company before, and had heard from friends and fellow bloggers about great experiences they had with the company. I decided to checkout Firmoo's site and see for myself what it was all about. 

The frame options were endless! 
I loved that I could use a picture of myself to "try on" different styles. The better part of one morning was spent just "trying on" frames. 
Some I "tired on" just for fun (see above, third photo down), and some that I truly considered as keepers. 

After I selected a pair of frames I loved I simply added my prescription (which should pretty much just read: BLIND), took a few easy measurements of the spacing of my eyes, and that was it, I was done. 

Roughly two weeks after my order (which seems to be a pretty standard time line with most eye doctors, too) my glasses arrived at my front door. 
I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the glasses case (which is adorable) and found a lens cleaning clothe as well as a kit for basic glasses repair, should I ever need that (and I will)
May I also note how affordable the glasses, WITH prescription, were. I could have easily ordered three or four pair, and the price STILL wouldn't have added up to what I paid for the glasses I would normally order from my eye doctor. 

Best of all? I love how my new glasses look, fit, and I can see!
I am so pleased with my glass that I want you to try them, too. For new Firmoo users you can get 15% off your first order simply by clicking HERE. I'm seriously debating getting another pair of prescription sunglasses. And, maybe another regular pair, just to keep things fresh with my daily facial accessories.

Now go! Check out Firmoo, and tell me you don't have a little fun trying on all the different frames.

Disclaimer: I received Firmoo glasses in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love your new glasses!! And isn't Firmoo awesome?! I usually get contacts when I go to the eye doctor and therefore haven't replaced my glasses in forever, especially since they are so expensive. But these are SO affordable and awesome! And I love that I could see myself in them before I bought them.

  2. Your new frames look great! Hey I think third done would be super fun on you =) Love how afforadable Firmoo is though. I should really go get my eyes checked, I'm half blind and don't wear glasses because I'm lazy like that.

  3. I have heard great things about the company. I really need new glasses, but I need an updated prescription first.

  4. This is the coolest thing ever! Makes me want a new pair of glasses, even though I wear mine only 1/365 of the year.

  5. Love them! Excellent choice friend. Firmoo is a pretty great company too.

  6. I love the ones you picked! Firmoo is awesome!

  7. I am so glad you loved them! I wear mine often, more because I love them so and less that I actually need them so often.

  8. I love how affordable Firmoo is too - and I love your new glasses! They look great on you!

  9. Awesome! I'll have to check them out!

  10. Awesome! I'll have to check them out!

  11. It’s great that you found a solution for your problem, even if it may prove to be a temporary fix. Well, at least you can still use your old ones, should it revert back to how it was before you got pregnant. Otherwise, you have these new ones handy should those changes become permanent. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

    Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Landing Vision Center

  12. Thank you for letting me post on your blog. My little girl finally has come around and is embracing her glasses. She was afraid that her friends would make fun of her, but the truth is that about 80% of the kids in her class are now wearing eyeglasses and it really was not that big of a deal for her after finally letting us help her.

    Jennifer Bell @ Clarity Vision - SmithField, NC


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