My Curious Chef

It's been pretty steamy in these parts the last few weeks, and I've done my best to avoid the stove and oven as much as possible. But, on our last grocery run I made a turn down the baking aisle only for Marcus to quickly spot the Funfetti cake mix and Funfetti frosting. Who am I to deny my little man the simple pleasure of the goodness of Funfetti? I was mindful in knowing an early morning baking session wouldn't heat up our house, so into the cart went the cake mix and frosting.

One early morning this week my Curious Chef grab his very own baking tools and help me whip up some delightful Funfetti cupcakes.
My baking utensils are kind of large and a bit bulky for Marcus' fat little fingered hands. Thankfully, Marcus' Curious Chef tools are some of his favorite things to pretend cook with in his own little kitchen (his all time favorites are his spatulacupcake decorating kit and the tongs - sweet Judas he's obsessed with those tongs), and the Curious Chef tools are actually designed for real cooking and baking.
The size of the utensils are just the right size for his little hands, and maneuvering each utensil is a breeze for him.

Our baking adventure looked like this (never mind we're still in our pjs and our bed head is on point. I did mention it was early morning, right?):
We placed cupcake liners.
We poured.
We mixed.
We measured out batter.
And then we baked.
And waited.
Each and every step of our baking process held Marcus' attention. And each and every step Marcus was able to genuinely help me using his own Curious Chef tools. He was in heaven. Any time I tried to step in and help he quickly dismissed me and informed me he could do it all on his own.

The hardest part for both of us was waiting for the cupcakes to bake (20 minutes is an eternity to a 3-year old and a pregnant lady who is jonesing for a cupcake), and then we had to allow the cupcakes to cool before frosting them (another eternity of waiting). I heard, "Mommy, can we put frosting on them now?" No less than 84 times. But good Lord, when I let Marcus loose with the Curious Chef cupcake decorating set it was worth the wait.
Watching as Marcus carefully added his frosting and sprinkles in such a particular manner was a riot - especially considering the final product was kind of a train wreck.
The odds of as much frosting going into Marcus' mouth as going on to the cupcakes was very, very high.

How about those finished cupcakes.
Beauties, right?

We had the most fabulous morning: I let my child loose in the kitchen with his Curious Chef tools, he was able to truly help bake some goodies, we were able to do something fun and different with our morning, and we both were left eating tasty cupcakes for breakfast.
Breakfast of champions, no?
We may have also had cupcakes after lunch, too... #motheroftheyear

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Disclaimer: I received these Curious Chef products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Awww, this is so neat! Best part is that you can tell he was truly enjoying himself!!

  2. This is so awesome!!! Those utensils are the best and I love that Marcus could truly help the whole time! And I mean, he did a great job, he might have a future in cupcake decorating :) But really, I love the focused look on his face the whole time and then the "wow!" when the cupcake were done. What a great helper!!!

  3. Ha! Love this!!! What a great set of tools.

  4. I love those utensils! And what a fun morning! Reese LOVES helping me bake, so I understand Marcus' excitement :) Side note: she has an obsession with tongs too- she has a little pair that she uses to pick up other objects around the house. Oh toddlers :)

  5. I spy your Pampered Chef batter bowl and measuring cups... two of my favorite things in my kitchen that I use all the time!

  6. This hot & steamy is no joke! I went to take my pup out a bit ago and it was almost suffocating. HELLO Summer! Ha. I love that you two did this together. And those Curious Chef utensils are awesome. I just looked at their website…such cute stuff! Oh and that’s one cool little kitchen, too. I adore the picture of him waiting in front of the oven. Adorable!!! Great job Marcus! You may be the next Cake Boss :)

  7. I love this! I'm too controlling to really let Aria help or do it on her own. I mean my gosh the stirring alone ups my blood pressure and stress levels. Omg just keep it in the bowl. But I love this. I may have to let Aria decorate her own cupcakes sometime. Soon. Maybe next year. She'll be older then.

  8. Aaahhh!!! I just love this. What a great product too. So fun to get the kids cooking in the kitchen at an early age and having their own tools, perfect. I love the expression on his face looking at the un-iced cupcakes too :).

  9. First off - cute chef! :) Second, I do NOT like funfetti cake. When we first started dating and then when we got married I was told Andy loved funfetti cake - and he did. So I've always tried to make him a disgusting funfetti cake for his bday. This year I mentioned getting him his funfetti cake mix and he actually requested s/t else. I was floored. And then, THEN he told me he doesn't really like funfetti all that much. Say what?!? Turns out, like w/ so many other things he thought he liked but then I gave him s/t more flavorful and better to eat, he realized it wasn't that great! It was all the brainwashing he got from his family! Ha ha! OMG, too funny. Glad I could show him the way to better flavor! :)

    And I hope that didn't insult you - my boys love funfetti still! :)

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  11. Hannah would love this! She loves to decorate cupcakes with me.

  12. You guys have so much fun! Can I come visit LOL

  13. You guys have so much fun! Can I come visit LOL


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