Sanitation Infatuation

The love for garbage trucks and garbage day runs deep in this house (see this post from two years ago for more garbage truck love). Tuesdays (trash and recycle day) have always been a big deal around these parts. If we don't see the garbage or recycle men make their rounds it is a disappointing day for Marcus.

When I learned the L.A. Sanitation department was hosting an open house I knew we simply could not miss it. The opportunity to get up close to garbage trucks was just something I knew my little guy would love.

Before heading to the event I had pretty low expectations. I mean, how much can possibly happen at garbage truck open house?

Apparently, a lot. I was totally blown away by how awesome the event was.
We were greeted with free meal tickets (I had no idea we'd be eating lunch fo' free! We weren't six steps into the event and it had already won me over) and a plastic hard hat for Marcus to wear while he "operated" the machinery.

Then we were off, climbing in and out of trucks, moving different pieces of equipment, and honking horns (so much honking, so, so loud).
My child was in heaven.
He thought it was all just the coolest.
Apparently this blue truck sucks up big water/liquid spills. My guys were able to manipulate the hose so it would fit over the orange cone.
This particular truck is the kind that picks up our trash and recycle. Both Marcus and Scott were able to test out the arm that lifts the bins and dumps them out. I think they both thought it was pretty cool.
I have honestly never seen my child more excited about anything. He was thrilled to be there, and literally bouncing up in down in anticipation as he waited in each line to climb into the trucks.

We even had a photo op with our very own recycle collector.
We see this gentleman every Tuesday. I think he might be Marcus' idol.
Before we left we were sure to hit up a few vendor tents where Marcus scored free mini trash and recycle bins. You'd think the kid hit had won the lottery.

Those bins and plastic hard hat have been played with for hours - HOURS - since the open house.
The actual truck was a birthday gift last year, but the bins and hat are the newest additions to the beloved sanitation toys.
Marcus insists he must wear the hard hat when he plays with his dump truck.
For this little dude, it might have been the best day ever.

I wouldn't be surprised if he decided he wants to be a trash truck driver when he grows up...


  1. This is so neat! And I love how thrilled (and intent!) he looks to be there.

  2. That is the coolest morning event... ever!!! Look at those goodies Cheeks walked away with. Connor has been diggin' the garbage truck lately too so he would have loved, loved, loved this event.

  3. I love the mini trash cans! we have that garbage truck - when Gabbie turned 3, she wanted a garbage truck for her birthday!

  4. How fun! I can't wait to do stuff like that with Rhys!

  5. oh gosh oh gosh I love the tiny bins. How cute are they? Never thought I'd say that. I want some! I would have had some low expectations as well...a garage truck open house, yawn. But wow!!

  6. Oh my gosh, is he giving thumbs up in the last picture?! I die! BEST DAY EVER!!! Such a fun event! Marcus seemed way more into it than Mason was at the police open house. I had these big dreams of him sitting in the trucks and me getting pictures, but he wanted none of it. He just wanted to rub his hands all over the dirty tire. #toddlers But seriously, best day ever for Marcus and how CUTE that he loves playing with the trash cans so much and HAS to wear the hard hat too!

  7. A mom in my town just posted last week how great it was that they guys took the time to wave at her little boys when they picked up the trash last week - totally made their day I guess. Made me think of Marcus! Cedar Rapids always has an emergency vehicle day/open house but I don't think they do a sanitation equipment day. So cool for M!!

  8. This is amazing! I had no idea events like this existed! I think Mac might think he'd died and gone to heaven! Thursdays are garbage truck days at our house and he threw a fit this morning that he didn't want to go to camp because he'd miss the garbage truck! It's a BIG deal. I have to find something like this for him to do. LOVE. Marcus looks so ridiculously happy!

  9. That is too adorable and fun!! I love the color of the garbage trucks LOL.

  10. Those mini trash bins are awesome. Henry would go gaga over them! What a fun event!

  11. I love that the city did this! My girls are always excited to see the trash and recycling trucks come down the street. The mini bins are adorable! I kind of want some for myself.

  12. Seriously how cool is this?!?!? It looks like Marcus had an amazing time!!


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