Trains, Ponies & Carousels (Griffith Park - Part 1)

With summer seemingly in full swing, and a rare weekday spent with Scott at home, I knew we needed to get out and go on a little adventure. Generally we stick around our area of the city (because, L.A. traffic), but on this particular day we ventured out to explore a bit.

I had heard and seen many of the great things Griffith Park had to offer, and I knew there were trains to ride. Naturally a trip was needed. So off we went.
The trains were small, and cute, and sparked serious interest from the little man.
We gave Marcus free reign to pick any seat he wanted. He chose the caboose.
The train took us on a mile loop, and Marcus was captivated the entire time. The quick loop was great, but we weren't ready to head back home.

While on the train we spotted ponies to ride nearby. When asking Marcus if he wanted to ride the ponies he excitedly agreed to saddle up.
At first Marcus seemed a bit apprehensive (see Marcus' expression above). His only horse riding experience had been on those carnival ponies that walk around and 'round in circles. These ponies gave a bit of a different ride.
The ponies followed a gated trail at a slow and steady pace (there was an option to ride faster horses, but we thought we'd better ease into everything). After the first lap around the track Marcus looked like an old pro.
I even managed some smiles, waves, and thumbs up.
If you haven't seen the :10 video on InstaGram be sure to check it out. I die every time I watch the little wave and thumbs up. He's like, "No big deal, ma."
When the ride was over Marcus was beaming. I'm pretty sure that may have been the best $3 ever spent.

Our last Griffith stop was a ride on the carousel.
The carousel itself is from 1937, however, some of the horses on the ride are from 1885. Holy old.
After a spin on the carousel our first Griffith Park experience was complete and totally successful. We had one very happy little man.

I had no idea just how much Griffith had (has!) to offer, and I've already got a few more trips to check out even more at the park this summer!

The start to the #macke2015summerbucketlist sure was an awesome one.


  1. The pony ride! I'm always scared Aria will just fall off anything like that. Like the carrousel at Disney. How cute are the little trains and the pony!

  2. I love those trains! I've never been to LA, but Griffith park is one of my must-dos whenever I go (where the idea for Disneyland came from! :) I love his expressions on the pony ride - looks like a big success!

  3. Carousel pic miiiiight be my new fave pic of you all!! And every time I see Marcus's Cali Cub shirt I wish Mace was a Cali Cub.....waaahhhh. How tall is he now? He looks taller every time I see him. STOP IT STOP GROWING RIGHT NOW MARCUS MACKE.

  4. I die - that thumbs up!!! :) I need to find a horse ride that like around here for the boys - Aiden did the traditional circle kind way back in the day, maybe he was 3 or 4?? That's the last we've done one. You guys have so many cool things within your reach out there!

  5. How fun! And really what a cool area! Marcus looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself!!

  6. OMG that video and the pic of him on the porch... SO dang sweet! <3 What a big boy!!

  7. This place looks like so much fun! And Mama, he looks so grown in that picture of him in the train with his arm up and his sunglasses on. Love it! I adore all of these pictures!!

  8. The thumbs up is the best! I love it!

  9. Umm yes please. I SO want to go there now! This looks like so much fun!!! I literally didn't even know they had this. Where have I been? Pretty sure I've lived in Southern CA longer than you and you know way more about it than me! Will you be my tour guide?


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