On the Pontoon

Being out on Scott's parent's pontoon solidifies the idea that we do, in fact, need a boat of some sort.

Marcus helping Grandpa.
Cruisin' with Daddy.
 Marcus enjoyed every second spent on Grandma and Grandpa's pontoon (as did Marcus' mommy and daddy).
We could have spent countless hours on the boat. My little water bug certainly would not have minded.

After Marcus was snuggled up in his crib for the night we headed back out on the lake to enjoy the remainder of the evening.
I had almost forgotten the breathtaking hues that paint the skies and lakes in the Midwest. Beautiful doesn't do a Kansas sunset justice.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful sunset! I bet Marcus had a blast!

  2. We are in the same boat as you! haha Meaning: we are also wanting and looking into getting us a boat by next summer. And it will definitely be a pontoon:)

  3. This reminds me of my childhood. I grew up on a lake and I have such wonderful memories of spending every single day of the summer on the water. I swam so much I'm really surprised I didn't grow gills!

  4. Having a boat is awesome!!! Mr. Big and I love it! We are hopefully going to get the kids out on the boat next month (it was being worked on) and I can share the love of boating with them...gorgeous sunset too!

  5. We'd love a boat but our weekends get so busy already we'd have a hard time giving that stuff up to be boating all the time. but it would be awesome! We used to go boating w/ friends, it was so much fun!

    Pretty sunset!

  6. Geez...this week you have made me miss that place like nothing else... I even had a thought of move back there this morning! I love the midwest...and you're right...the sunsets, well there is nothing like them!!!

  7. Beautiful!! And sweet baby boy :)

  8. STUNNING!!!
    i love pontoons. miss those rides on our lake with my crapa.
    boat rides are the BEST.

  9. So beautiful! Gorgeous pictures girl friend!

    Marcus is one lucky kid! :)

  10. I loved reading your past few posts. I am a KC native, transplanted to Omaha, about 7 years ago. I so miss the plaza and the lakes! Deanna Rose, is close to where I grew up and lived for so many years. Beautiful sunset, where was that taken? Thanks for sharing!!!

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