Munchkin Mischief

Marcus was fortunate to spend some quality play time with his cousin Clark while we were home.

After a quick reintroduction to each other they played along merrily, side by side, sharing and having a grand old time weren't too sure about each other...

Every time the boys get together I imagine the dialogue that goes on between them. It's kind of similar to Look Who's Talking Too. 
"Hey, whaddaya have there?"
"Um... A phone. See...?"
"I'll take this green ball. YOU get the purple one." 
After trying to get the boys to play "together" all day we decided a communal bath would bond them.
"I'll sit on this side of the tub. You stay on that side."
"These are the toys I play with, you can have those."
"Ok, we're in here, might as well get things taken care of quickly. Here, let me help you rinse that out."
A good night sleep had them both refreshed and ready to play... Individually. Again.
"Nice wheels ya got there."
"Yeah, you too."
Perhaps a dip in the pool would bring out the fun in them.
"So you have a cup, and I have a cup. But, I want YOUR cup, too."
The best interaction between the boys? When they weren't really interacting at all.
"Yep, you just keep pushing. Push. Push. Push."
"Sit tight buddy, I've got this." 
There will come a day when these two munchkins get into all sorts of mischief together (and something tells me Marcus is going to be the instigator of all their trouble fun)! Until then, we'll continue to watch and laugh as they "play" together.


  1. Aww, so cute! Reminds me of Jackson and his cousin Mason. I love watching them play and grow up together. :-)

  2. So cute, I love your dialogue for them!

  3. It is so cute when little kids play next to each other.

  4. OMG. I love the "talking" between the two! Also, M's face is cracking me up in the first two pictures!

  5. Haha too funny.

    I love that you say that Marcus will be the instigator. Adorable boys!

  6. How funny! Our little boy is going through the same stage right now. He's not too interested in playing with the other babies yet! What a cutie

  7. They are too cute!! And yeah, they are trouble just waiting to happen


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