Future Wildcat?

After spending some time frolicking and reminiscing on the campus of my alma mater it was only right we did the same at Kansas State, where Scott went to school.
I'd been to Manhattan, Kansas once for a football game but had never really seen the town, or campus. So, I convinced Scott we needed to make a road trip while we were in the area.

Being a bit biased towards Iowa State and the beauty its campus holds I wasn't sure what to expect as well approached the K-State campus...
 I fell in love with the cohesiveness of the buildings. Each one had a similar feel, and were made of limestone, a native Kansas stone.

It was such a gorgeous day, perfect, really.
It was great listening to Scott point out buildings and tell stories of "when he went to school."

Marcus found some steps and promptly made his way up them.
The picture on the bottom left might be one of my favorites: the towering building, and my little man staring up at it all.

For Marcus the best part was probably the water feature.
It took some work to keep the little guy out of the pool. He wanted to take a dip in the worst way!

We concluded our tour with a stop at the alumni center.
Marcus found the wildcat to be pretty impressive.
Once inside we spotted a salt water tank full of bright fish.
I'm not sure if Marcus thought the fish were neat, or if he was just trying to find a way to get in the tank himself.
Seeing the beauty of the school, and watching as Scott and Marcus enjoyed their time on campus I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with happiness.

One day Marcus will make a decision as to where he'd like to continue his education, and I wouldn't mind if he, too, made K-State his home (though I'll totally cheer him on if he chooses Iowa State). 


  1. What a fun day! Looks like a beautiful campus! We recently stopped to eat in Columbia, MO while on a trip to Kansas City. Jake went to Mizzou and while we were there, we talked about how Jackson might go there someday. Crazy to think about, but it will be here before we know it I'm sure.

  2. Yuck. Purple is for Pansies. RED AND BLUE GO KU!!!!!!

  3. As long as it's not KU or any SEC school! I went to a small state school, so I am pretty sure that the kids won't want to go there. I just hope they get their daddy's brains so they can get into ND. I don't know what Todd will do if they don't get in. It might bring him to tears!!!

  4. Even though I am a KU fan, I have always loved Manhattan. We stopped in Manhattan to visit a friend, but didn't make it to campus. Football games there are so much fun.

  5. I tend to lean toward the Baylor Bears...but as long as you are not a chicken hawk...I mean Jay Hawk...your good as gold!


  6. Gorgeous campus and awesome pictures...you're talented mommy...and who knows - he may just want to go to the University of Miami - you never know ;-)

  7. What a beautiful campus! One of my good friends just started working at Iowa State and she loves it!

    How did you at Scott meet?

  8. Love this! One of my best friend's from law school went to (and currently works for) K-State. She always brags about what a beautiful school it is. Your photos are great!

  9. Beautiful campus! Kinda makes me miss my college days. :) I had a grand time in college.

  10. What a beautiful campus!

    I really, really enjoy reading your blog just for posts like this. You're such a great mom and wife!

  11. holy cow! that campus is stunning!
    oh college... bahahahahaa.
    your boys are so lucky to have you :)

  12. I love the K-State campus!!! If only they would have had a nursing program...

  13. That is a beautiful campus. My sister is starting grad school there in the fall and these photos make me excited to visit!


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