16 Months Old!

Woah buddy, 16 months old?! I ask this every month, but how is the possible?

Two weeks ago Marcus had his well-baby visit and everything checked out great. Our doctor confirmed that Marcus, is in fact, a big kid. If Marcus continues to grow at this rate he has the potential to be around 6' 2"ish.
Official stats:
Height: 33 1/4"
Weight: 28 pounds - he's like carrying a small tank around
Teeth: 17 - the doctor had no concerns with his extra incisor.
Words: A handful: "momma", "dada", "oh no", "no, no, no" and occasionally "buh-bye".
Clothes - 2T, shoes - 5

At the appointment I voiced concern that Marcus wasn't saying many words. Our doctor wasn't worried. My brother was almost 2 before he really started talking, and delayed speech is apparently very hereditary. The doctor also noted that Marcus is VERY busy (like I didn't know this), and that sometimes kids who are so focused on mobility take a little longer before they become verbal. At the next appointment we will reevaluate and see if we need to visit a speech pathologist.

Lately Marcus has been:
  • Climbing on ev-ry-thing!
  • Legitimately trying to eat his food with silverware.
  • We no longer walk. We run
  • Screaming. Yikes. We are going to have to work on our "inside" voices. 
  • Showing off blowing bubbles.
  • Attempting to jump - though Marcus' toes never leave the ground. It's kind of hilarious.
  • Dancing. It is the cutest to watch the little man bounce around in his attempt to "dance." 
  • Plugging his ears. Marcus has discovered his sense of hearing, and loves to plug his ears.
  • Engaging in conversation... Though we have NO clue what the heck he's saying, he seems to really try and engage in conversation. If only we could understand the little man!
  • Opening and closing doors - repeatedly. Oh my gosh, I think the kid would do this all day if I let him.
  • Testing Scott's and my patience. A lot. Marcus will do something he is not supposed to (i.e. stand on the couches), and we will ask/tell him to sit. He is such a defiant little bugger, and will purposely look at us and laugh as he stands up on the couch. What a turd!! 
We keep things classy around here.


  1. Love that last picture. Happy 16 months to one of my favorite little men out there! He IS a big boy... I think Drew slowed down more around this age. I can barely carry him now though at 33 pounds. Ugh! Get him in basketball early! :)

  2. Too cute!! Love that last picture. Marcus sounds so much like Jackson. Jackson is busy, big for his age and doesn't say a whole lot of words yet. He just turned 21 months old this past weekend, so I'm starting to get a little worried about him not talking much. His doctor didn't seem worried at all at his 18 month check-up, so I'm probably worrying about nothing.

  3. I die over that last picture!! That is a keeper for sure!

    Just wait to he turns 5.... Then you will really be freaking out. How in the heck if my precious Molly going to be FIVE in less than three weeks? That doesn't even seem possible!

    Enjoy this time, because it goes soooooo fast!

  4. It does seem like kids who focus on mobility are slower with their verbal skills. Also boys tend to be behind in verbal skills than girls. It sounds like he is doing great! He weighs almost as much as my 3 year old! I love the last picture. It is a familiar sight around my house! :)

  5. OMG that last picture is too funny! He seriously could be 6'2"??? Holy cow! Are you and Scott tall?

  6. He's such a handsome little dude! :) So funny, we're going through so many of these phases with Emma. You're much kinder when referring to his defiant behavior. I usually say something along the lines of "Emma drives me bat shit crazy!" Funny (or not so much) how quickly they learn to test us, huh?

  7. Hes so cute even picking his nose lol. Such a big guy too!

  8. Now that is one adorable little baby - even with his finger up his nose. They grow up so fast and the shocker is that they will be taller than us it seems...enjoy him - he's precious!! (HUGS)

  9. He's so cute! And the picture of him with his finger in his nose...PRICELESS!! =)

  10. He is sooo handsome! (Even picking his nose. Hehe.) If I recall correctly, Scott is rather tall. Looks like he's taking after his Daddy in that aspect.

  11. this whole post made me giggle ;)
    and 6'2! OH THE THINGS YOU CAN BE!
    .. besides a lady charmer!

  12. LOVE the nose picking photo! :)

  13. That last picture is hilarious and should totally be used on his "Senior" page when he graduates. HAHA!

  14. Shut up. I LOVE this post! My little one is 14 months and so similar to yours! Lots of activity, few words, but so much personality! Isn't this age amazing! Your post makes me so excited for the upcoming months! I can't wait to see Mac try to jump! Ahhh!! Kill me now. :)

  15. That lady picture! Hilarious! What a little character!snd holy tall! Can you imagine your baby being over 6 feet?!

  16. Seriously, the cutest that little (or big!) Marcus is!!!! These pictures kill me. Yep, we've entered into a little bit of defiance stage too, his favorite thing to tell us when we tell him to sit down... "no, no, no!" :)


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