Tanaka Farms

Monday Scott had the day off. We took full advantage of our extra day and made a trip to a REAL pumpkin patch! (Last year we went to a "pumpkin patch" that was dirt parking lot transformed, whomp whomp.)
The place was HUGE! Not only could you pick pumpkins, there was also field after field of produce where you could pick your own fruits and veggies. When strawberries are in season you can bet we'll be going back and loading up!
It was obvious how much Marcus enjoyed being outdoors, exploring all the new sights and sounds the farm had to offer. 
Our own little pumpkin. :)
Apparently it's customary to place your little one in a pile of pumpkins on their first pumpkin patch trip.
I happily obliged to such tradition. Little man didn't seem to mind.
Besides picking pumpkins the farm had so much to offer: a petting zoo, tractor rides, arts and crafts, games, a corn maze, and food stands.
Making our way through the corn maze.
This year we just took a peak into the petting zoo. Next year we'll let the little man in with the sheep, goats, and baby pigs. Something tells me the animals would be less than appreciative of Marcus' not so gentle grab.
Our friends and their 12 month old joined us in the fall festivities. Watching the boys interact during lunch time was too precious for words.
It looks as if they're carrying on their own little conversation. Love it.
I'm already looking forward to next year's trip!

To our friend and neighbor, Amy, thank you so much for following us around all day and snapping pictures for us!

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